Member Newsletters Pool 2019 Welcome Letter - Page 3

Pool Rules, Closing & Inclement Weather Policy Pool is subject to early closure if low attendance (10 patrons or less in a two-hour period), weather warrants, or for a special program. The pool will close whenever projected high air temperatures for the day are below 68 degrees. If outside temperatures drop below 65 degrees during open swim the pool will be closed. When inclement weather occurs, including but not limited to: Rain, wind, lightening and/or severe conditions (tornado, thunderstorm watch/warnings) that compromise the safety of the patrons or staff, the water will be cleared, staff will remain at the facility and attempt to reopen as soon as possible. If it is not feasible to reopen after 60 minutes, the pool will close. Pool Rules: PERSONS WITH INFECTIONS OR DISEASES THAT MAY BE TRANSMITTED BY THE POOL WATER ARE PROHIBITED (28 PA. CODE #18.53) NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGE IS PERMITTED PATRONS SHOULD SHOWER BEFORE ENTERING THE POOL AREA NO DIVING NO RUNNING ON DECK AREA FEET FIRST ENTRIES INTO POOL NO ROUGH PLAY TOYS ONLY WITH APPROVAL- BASED ON SIZE OF CROWD AND TYPE OF TOY NO ONE UNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION NO ENTRANCE TO POOL AREA UNTIL SIGNED IN NO SWIMMING UNLESS GUARD IS ON DUTY (BOTH POOLS) INFANTS MUST BE DIAPERED (Swimmers) Inflatables & Toys: This year we will have a storage log for any and all inflatables and pool toys. Please be sure to fill out this storage log with one of our lifeguards prior to storing your item in our shed. Inflatables must have your name sharpied on them. We are not liable for damaged or stolen pool toys and inflatables. There will be a limit on what and how much we can store. Children Under 14: Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to swim without adult supervision UNLESS they have a signed consent form on file and they are either taking lessons from us or perform a swim test. Please contact Karen to discuss the procedure for a swim test.