Medilink North of England News Autumn Winter 2018 Volume 2 - Page 7

DO YOU SUPPLY TO THE NHS? THEN YOU NEED PEPPOL By September 30th 2018 all suppliers to the NHS must have PEPPOL as part of the new NHS eProcurement Strategy. PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line and is a network which allows suppliers and the NHS to share electronic business documents relating to e-commerce such as purchase orders and invoices, it allows electronic business documents to be easily and effi ciently exchanged between the public sector and suppliers. Any business that trades with the NHS must be part of the PEPPOL network by September. If you are not part of the PEPPOL network by September 30th 2018 – you will no longer be able to trade with the NHS. Medilink North of England member, Kodit are PEPPOL experts and offers two options to get your business PEPPOL ready. Kodit can integrate PEPPOL into your existing ordering system or give you access to your own portal. Kodit are happy to answer any questions you have regarding PEPPOL. For more information and to contact the Kodit team, visit MEDILINK MEMBERS UNITE TO REGULATE Medilink members, MedBoardCo and Xiros have collaborated to create a platform which simplifi es the new medical device regulation documentation and makes its navigation easier. The Integrated Knowledge Platform uses digital formats, EU MDR 745/2017 and EU IVDR 746/2017, alongside a search engine to highlight the relevant regulation information to the user. Leeds based MedBoardCo recognised the diffi culty medical device manufacturers face when trying to compute and integrate large regulation documents with additional requirements, implementing acts and technical information. To combat the complex regulatory problems medical device regulations manufacturers struggle with, they created a solution alongside fellow Leeds located company, Xiros. Medilink member, Xiros aided MedBoardCo from concept design, to development and providing feedback - they were also one of the fi rst companies to adopt the innovative technology. The Integrated Knowledge Platform displays all the associated regulatory information, correlations, GAP analysis, visuals and relevant external information applicable to the text. The digital programme contains a comprehensive database with regulatory and technical information, which enables medical device manufacturers to access all important, legal documentation in one, easily searchable place. 12 Our Senior PR Offi cer is Mary Hickey BA, PGDip, with over fi ve years’ experience working in PR in a variety of industries including local government, the third sector and higher education. Medilink’s PR Assistant, Lizzie Day supports the team by creating member specifi c social media content to stimulate audience engagement and helps to produce the monthly E-News – a combination of member news and updates from across Yorkshire and Humber, the North East and the North West. Mary works alongside the Director of Com V6F2'7&VFp66VF6FVBBvp6ƖVN( 266VF6V2v7B6FWfVrBFVƗfW&p6V6F7G&FVvW2bRvVBƖRF7VFFR FV&WBV6rW"w&wFB6V7FfG6V"fFB6W&6Ɨ6Fff6W"Fw&vB6C( FW&^( 2WfW &VV&Rw&BgVFrf&RF6W2W&FrFRVF6V7F FFW&R2FF( vWFW"R&RrF7W'BW7Fr&V7B"fW7FvFRFFǐWrFVw&BgVFr2W6VV@vFFR&6V&ǒ7FvRv&@66VW&FRW"&GV7BFWfVVB( Фf"gW'FW"f&F"7W'@vFW"w&BƖ6F6F7BW fFB6W&6Ɨ6FFVЦfFVFƖ6V"6B#3"# &VF66FǗ7BfFRT4%$VF6&R( 22Vv@FRbFR&VF66FǗ7B2F7W'@FRFWfVVBbfFfRVF6&R&GV7G2FV6vW2B&6W76W2WFsRFW'fVFFWVFr6Rb64%$VF6&R22VvBFFfRVB'FP6FV֖2VF66V6RWGv&4vF&FRTV6֖2w&wFv7BFG&W76rVW@VFVVG2BV6rFRFRWbv&W7@&7F6RRFW'fVFfV6&ƗGv&CWF *3#GW&F2"F0&W# *3#S*3FФGW&F"#BF0V&ǒ7FvS *3#C*3FФGW&F"3bF0FR7FvS *3#*3FФGW&F"3bF06RfV6&ƗGWF *3GW&F6F06R"&FGRFWfVVCWF *3ФGW&F"F0FvFVFFV6w6FǗ7BfFRTfVFf"fFF( 2䔅 FRbF26WFF2FFG&W72"VF6&P6VvW2Bw&rFRTFvFVF6&RGW7G'F&VvFRfFfRW6RbFvFFV6vW2WFsRFW'fVFFWVFrFR6RbFR6FGf6W2VF6&RFV6vW2FWf6W2@FW'fVF2f"7&V6VBFVB&VVfB&V2`W7Fr"VW&vr6Ɩ6VVBfV6&ƗG *3S *3sVGW&FWFRV GW7G'&W6V&6bWW&VFFWfVVC*3S *3ФGW&FWFF&VRV'0"4U%d4U2TUBDRDTФ62v&VBWFV6fVǒvFV&Ɩ2B&fFR6V7F"&FW27&70GW7G'FR2B6FV֖V676r6&VvFBFW&F&V֗BV&Ɩ2fFw&G2BgVG267W'BFRfFv&bfFfP&v6F2FRVF6&R6V7F"आW&R&R6Rv'FvR'GVFW0FBR֖vBƖRF66FW"'&VvBFR'VFƖ( 2fFFVॆ&>( $vW"FR6R6C( f"FR&0&VwVF'FVB2&VV'F7V&ǒW6VgVFrW"G&6FFVWBFR&WV&VVG2bUPE"sCR#rBgFW"G&6FvRVf6vRBv&VW&VwVF'&W6W&6Rf"FRFVFV7W&RW 6FVVB6Ɩ6R( 6'&$26'B"F4"4"ԖB0VFƖ( 2"`6V6F0F&V7F"@2rV'2`F&V7BWW&V6R'W6W727G&FVwVFW'6'W6W72w&wFV&Ɩ0&VF2B6V6Fv&p7&72FRVF6&RFV6w@&VFVBƖfR66V6W26V7F"औdDeTDp%ETDU0F6V7C *3S *3SGW&Fb"F2BRFW'fVF&GV7BFWfVVBv&CWW"Ɩ֗B67G2VVBF&RW7FfVBGW&FWF2V'04Ĕ4UdTD$U%E0R&VFRWrVF6FWf6P&VwVFE"BfG&Fv7F2&VwVFdE"6W0w&VFW"V622FRVV@f"&R6VbvVW&FVB6Ɩ6WfFV6R7W'Bb4R&V@FWf6W2FR6Ɩ6WfVF&W'B4U"2FF'&WV&VVBf WfW'VF6FWf6R6BWW&P27FVFVBTDDUb"r&WcBV6RV$VFƖ6V"6B#3"# FR6R2G'VRbFRW&f&6PWfVF&W'BU"v62FF'&WV&VVBf"WfW' fG&Fv7F2FWf6R6BWW&R27FVFVBUR&Vr#rsCbFW6RF7VVG2Ǘ6R6Ɩ6WfFV6RRfRvFW&VBv67W'BFR62BF6F2`FRFWf6RVFFVǒ6vrFBFP&VVfG2bW6rFR&GV7BWGvVvFVF&62FW6R&W'G2&P&WV&VVBf"FRFW6v7F'fRVFƖ&RWW&V6VBWF'0b4U'2f"672"BVF6FWf6W2BU'2f"672"2BBfG&Fv7F2FWf6W22vV2w&FrFR&W'G0FV6VfW2FRVFƖFVЦ66Gf6RRrFFG&W72v2W"WfFV6RFV7W&R6FVVB6Ɩ6RvFFRVv6Ff"&Rf&F&Vv&FpW"6Ɩ6WfVFVVG26F7BFRfF@6W&6Ɨ6FFVখfFVFƖ6V