Medilink North of England News Autumn Winter 2018 Volume 2 - Page 6

APTUS CLINICAL TRIO HEALTHCARE WINS QUEEN’S AWARD FOR ENTERPRISE MARY HICKEY & EMMA JOHNSON MEDILINK WELCOMES NEW TEAM MEMBERS Medilink North of England has appointed Mary Hickey as its new Senior PR Offi cer, working alongside PR and Communications Director Jason Brannan, and Emma Johnson as its new International Advisor, working alongside International Manager Tom Elliot. Mary, who has a BA in Journalism and an PGDip in Broadcast Journalism will support the strategic growth of healthcare organisations across the North of England and Medilink members. Since joining Medilink North of England in May, Mary has been working closely with clients to create member-specifi c PR strategies, which raise the regional, national and international business profi le of members. Mary said: “I’ve arrived at Medilink at a really exciting time - the healthcare sector is advancing every day and I look forward to working with a range of innovating and interesting clients.” Emma, who has a BSc Hons in Chemistry and a background in pharmaceuticals and the vitamins, minerals and supplements sector, helps deliver the Medilink’s Department for International Trade contract, working as an International Trade Adviser and Sector Specialist for Life Sciences, as well as supporting the growth of Medilink North of England’s exhibition programme. Emma said: “Every day at Medilink is different. The busy events calendar complements my day-to- day role of supporting companies in the Yorkshire and Humber region for the DIT and the fast-paced environment makes for a very exciting role that changes and progresses week on week.” If you would like to know more about how Medilink can help enhance your connectivity and accelerate your growth, contact connect@ or call us on 0114 232 9292 Advanced medical technology provider, Trio Healthcare, have been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for their pioneering silicone ostomy product, which has improved the lives of patients from across the world. The Medilink North of England member’s life- changing silicone adhesive, which prevents abdominal stomas from leaking, won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in April. Trio Healthcare received the award under the Innovation Category, for its breakthrough patented silicone technology, which has improved the lives of ostomates. Abdominal stomas are surgically created intestinal openings which are a result of colitis or Crohn’s treatment. All ostomates suffer from leakage and damage to the skin, which dramatically impacts their social life and wellbeing. To combat this, Trio has developed a unique, secure adhesive known as Trio Responsive® Silicone, which surrounds the stoma, providing a skin-friendly seal whilst maintaining a secure connection. Lloyd Pearce, Managing Director from Trio, said: “We are delighted to win such a prestigious award for our contribution to ostomy care. “Due to the stigma associated with body waste and bag leakage, a person’s social life and well-being is dependent on the ostomy adhesive and bag’s performance.” The Queen’s Awards are presented each year by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her birthday, 21st April. Medilink member, Aptus Clinical have entered into a global research and development partnership with American biopharmaceutical company, Artelo Biosciences and Indian-based science research company, Sygene. Aptus Clinical, who specialise in combatting cancer and rare diseases through early clinical trials has partnered with the two global healthcare companies to research and develop a new drug that can help cancer patients suffering from anorexia or weight loss. MEDILINK NORTH OF ENGLAND MEMBER HEXA HALERS Every 10 seconds, someone is experiencing a potentially life-threatening asthma attack. An asthma attack can leave you paralysed with fear as you struggle to breathe, speak or ask for help. The newly developed drug, ART27.13 has already shown promising results in fi ve phase 1 clinical studies including 200 subjects. In initial clinical trials, the drug demonstrated a statistically and dose-proportional increase in body weight. The drug which has also shown direct anti-tumour activity represents a new therapeutic class of anti-cancer medicine. 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