Medilink North of England News Autumn Winter 2018 Volume 2 - Page 2

FOREWORD MEDILINK NORTH OF ENGLAND LIMITED – Welcome to the fi rst edition of Medilink News refl ecting the merger of Medilink Yorkshire and Humber, Medilink North West and Medilink North East into Medilink North of England. Below you can see regional perspectives from leading fi gures in the NHS, Industry and Academia. ANOTHER MILESTONE IN OUR CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT The views of Foreword contributors do not necessarily refl ect the views of Medilink. PROFESSOR SIR JOHN BURN. PROFESSOR CATHY JACKSON. HEAD PROFESSOR OF CLINICAL GENETICS, OF SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. EXECUTIVE UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE. DEAN, FACULTY OF CLINICAL AND CHAIRMAN, QUANTUMDX. NON- BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES, UNIVERSITY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NHS ENGLAND. OF CENTRAL LANCASHIRE. CHAIR, NEWCASTLE HOSPITALS NHS FOUNDATION TRUST. I am delighted to contribute to the inaugural issue of Medilink North of England Newsletter, with its theme of regulation. It has been my privilege to have been involved in genetic research for over forty years, and as Professor of Clinical Genetics at the University of Newcastle, I have seen a rapid expansion of genomics and the study of DNA, which will undoubtedly have a major impact on modern medicine and on our future healthcare delivery. In my role as Chair of QuantuMDx, I understand the challenges that life science companies face in translating science and technology into commercial products. QuantuMDx has innovated the entire molecular diagnostic process to create rapid diagnostic solutions for global diseases. This has included developing the Q-POC™: a simple-to- use, portable, molecular diagnostic analyser to diagnose a range of infectious diseases, at the point of care, in under 20 minutes. The impact of nucleic acid extraction, amplifi cation and detection and their applicability to diagnostics and genomic medicine was not fully understood when the existing medical device / in-vitro diagnostic regulations came into force and this is one reason why the new European IVD regulations are being introduced. Patient safety continues to be paramount in healthcare delivery across the world and of course to manufacturers of medical devices / IVDs. Whilst Brexit creates many uncertainties, it is clear that greater global harmonisation of regulation - which the new MDR and IVDR regulations support - is an essential development. Medilink play an important role in the regional life science landscape, enhancing connectivity and ensuring that key stakeholders are kept up to date with important developments, such as the changes in regulation highlighted in this edition. I am delighted to be contributing to the inaugural Medilink North of England newsletter. As a relatively new school of medicine in the region, we recognise the importance of innovation and collaboration with partners across the health economy. The pressures on health care providers in the North are well documented, as is the need to increase the capacity and sustainability of the medical workforce and address the signifi cant health and workforce challenges regionally. To meet these demands, our health economy is transforming at a rapid rate. In this environment it is essential to both maintain and improve the quality of provision through innovation linked to external scrutiny and regulation. As a school, we work closely with our NHS partners and patients to ensure our students are trained to meet the new demands. We offer a medical curriculum which considers what the workforce of the future may look like and ensure that students are exposed to both primary and community health care from year one. Additionally, we not only train the next generation of doctors, but offer a range of innovative undergraduate and post-qualifi cation courses, responding to the needs of our students and the future medical economy. Our research continues to grow at our Preston campus, and also the Mackenzie Institute for Clinical Research at our Burnley campus and the National Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine and the Digital Health Institute at our Cumbrian campus. By widening recruitment to medical education, developing new innovative curricula and bringing funded research and teaching opportunities to the region, we are helping to recruit and retain a sustainable, diverse workforce, making a positive difference to local communities. Since our establishment some fi ve years ago, the School of Medicine has quickly become a trusted and sought-after education partner in the regional health and social care economy. I hope we may look forward to collaborating with some of you in the near future. SIR ANDREW CASH. CHIEF EXECUTIVE, SOUTH YORKSHIRE AND BASSETLAW INTEGRATED CARE SYSTEM This year NHS England celebrates its 70th anniversary, 40 years of which I have had the privilege of serving this remarkable institution, 16 years as the CEO of one of the largest hospital trusts in the country, the Sheffi eld Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. New and more advanced treatments delivered to a growing and ageing population continues to place more pressure on NHS service delivery than ever before. The system is having to constantly adapt through a greater integration in health and social care delivery and through enhancing the adoption of new science and technology solutions. Throughout this transformation process a focus on safety and quality of care continues to be central to NHS delivery. This is why the new EU regulation surrounding medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics is so important, as we strive to consistently achieve the highest levels of health and safety whilst embracing new t XB][ۜ˂H[HY\و\]]\ݚYH[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈ\B[\ˈ\H[X\[H[]H›X[YX\\[YH]œY[][ۜ[YH؛Y][ۜ]X[[]][ۜYYYY][Y[[\HX[[]][ۈ]XH^[\[ۋ[\[\܈]Y[][\[XB]X\[\]YH]XHY[YH][ۂ܈\Z[\\و]XH]˂][\YۈH\قYY[[܈ LYX\H]H؜\YH Z[H^[[ܚ]^H\H[\Z[[[[[˜Xܘ][ۈ[][[ݘ][ۈ[HYHY[HX܋H\[H]\HX\]YY[[ܝو[[[H]HXY\و\›]]\[YHH]ܛœY[ۘ[ܝ[]Y\]]Yܙ˂][[X]YH []\\HوYY[[\YX\\XY^[HX\[\XZ܂Z[\ۙH[YY[[&\۝[YYX\HY\\وYY[[–[ܚ\H [X\YY[[ܝ\[YY[[ܝX\[“YY[[ܝو[[[Z]Y ]\Z[\[]Y\[\YBوHYY[[ܝو[[XY^[K\H\H[[[[\HB\Y[X\\܈HܙX][ۈقYY[[ܝو[[[Z]Y ]Y[X\^\[B[YH^H]ۈܛY[ۘ[ۛX]]K]H[\[YY][š[\H[و\YX\\\\[Y[HܙX][ۂوH]\و\Xܜ]\\[][ۈHXXوHYBܝ\Y[ۜ[HܙX][ۈقYHY[ۘ[Y\ܞHܛ\ XX]\\[][ۈH[\KH[XY[ZXJKX[[\HH۝[X][ۈوHY[ۘ[XH[]\HYY[[X]]KX\Y\[HYX\H[\HX[YYY[[ܝو[[X[\H\[\]\[X[\\ \ܝYH\[\’[Y\KX]XYHXܙ][[H YHYH JK\][\HYYو\YX\\HYBH۝X][ۈو\[Y\[Z\[\YY\Y[[]Y[\H[\ܝ[HY[ۘ[Xۛ^KXۚ\Y[]\Y H[\[و[HX[H]Z[\YX\&\]\\[[۞B][[H][\\[XZHHYY[[ܝ\X[\H\[\]\H[BوHR˂YY[[\[YۈBYY܈XY[ZX\[\[[X[[][]Y\ܚ\]\[X]۝[YY[ٛܛX][ۈ[X[[]\K[]H\Y۝\[H[YYX [X \XX]]X[[][Y[BYY^X]]BYY[[ܝو[[[Z]YTHSHPQHԈH8'T8'HVUPSUTтXY][\Z[HۈH^]X[ HYHY[\X܈\XZ]Y]HH[\XوH8&\8&H^] \[\˜YܙYY[[]\][\YܙYY \[\\YYY[YH\X\›وۘ\[[\[Y[[Y\[K]]X\\][ۋ\H\H\ق\ܝ\[ۈX[YX\[˜[\HZ[XܝY\[[^\[X\[HUHX\] HRH\YݚYBX\\[H]^H[HYX]X[YX\\Y[[][ۈHRY[]ܞH[Y]ܚˈ]\[\\H\HX[ H]\وHR\H\[HYX[]H[[]وHUHY[]ܞBY[Y\ˈ\[\Xۈ]\HYHو]]ܚ\][ۋX[YX\[\XXݚY[[KH][ۈو^B\ۛ[ ][X\H\[Y\[HXBX\[[X[[˂][[YXHX]Y[وX]HX[\H\YX[]X\[\ܝY[HULBHRˈ[\H۝[YYX\[\]HB[\[Y[YYܙHH[وX\ NK\[Y\[YYۜY\^]ZY[\Xۈ^H۝Xˈ܈X[YXK]\H\]ܞH[[HR[Hݙ\Yš\\ۜXH܈[ٙ\܈[\]]ܚ\][ۜX[YX\[[\[]\X[[[B[][ۈو^H\ۛ[X\H[B\ۜXHY\H\H[^\[H\HZ[܈B[\\[ۈو^ܝ[\ܝ[X\[Bܝ[[[[܈Y][ۘ[\Y‘\]HH]X[[\Z[KۙX[H\^]]Y][XZ[ۜY\YX\[ۜۈB[Y\X[\[\\[\\HYX]X\][\[\\[ZH[\HH۝[Z[YB\HوX]Y[˂HY]^\Y\HHوH]]܋[X\\[HYY[[˂˚ًBY][X[ \\\ܚ[š\[ܙH[\ܝ[[]\YܙKH\H[YY]Hܙ]ܙš[\Y][ۈوYY[[]BXY[H\\HHXY[ZX\[\[[X[[][]Y\˂H[\X\H\ܝ[X[[ݘ][ۋYYۜ[HY\\Y[\[XH[ؘ[\][ۋ]]X[\B[]\HH[]\ZH\^YBٙH[[\X]Y[Y]B[]X[]Hو\K[\\ۙBX\ۈHH]HY[\]\HUHY[][ۈݙ\[YYX[]X\[[]XYۛX˂HH][HHHY\[\X]\\[Y[][ۈ[YY[[][[Z[][8$[X\H۝X\][\Y›ۈ۝[܈]\H\Y\وBYY[[ܝو[[XY^[K[]Z\Y\ًB