Media Matrix - Teleconferences - Page 9

competition would have to learn how to integrate SCT’s software products into the video feed, we were thoroughly familiar with those products and how to show off their capabilities.” Working quickly, Media Matrix selected WHYY’s studios in Wilmington, DE as the origin site for broadcast to the 28-college, satellite-ready Florida consortium. Media Matrix produced speaker support materials for the SCT President and other speakers. An experienced television reporter was hired to facilitate the program on camera. On-line software demonstrations, a major element in SCT’s presentation, were coordinated by Media Matrix working together with SCT software experts. That’s not all. Media Matrix also worked with SCT to set up true interactive capabilities in real time, so that top administrators of the 28 schools could [\ۙH[H[Xۙ\[H]H[^\Z\Y][\]Y\[ۜݙ\HZ\܈[šX\H YYH\\X\YۈHܙY[][H]YY[HY[X\[[X\H\[\܈]Y\[ۜ[[Y[˂HZ\Y\[ٙ]\H[YHوH]H[XYH[œݚYHZ\YZ[\]]Hٝ\K\و[H8&\[وY]HXۙقZ\\]]ܜ][H[]H\YYXHX]^\Hܜ[KKX\Y[][X][ۜ\[H[Y[BZ[]K[XHYY]HYXY[H܂X[ۈ[Y[و\[\YY][X\[[Xۙ\[\‚X]H\X[]Y\ݚYYHY[\X]H][K[YYXH][Y[Y[\HX[ۈ[[YYXHX]^ H[Xۙ\[KYX]\[\Yۋ[[ۜ]YYHوZ\[[ݘ]]BX܈HXY[ZXܛ \[\[Hۙ[HوX\ٝ[[\\܈BX[][ۈو[YYXHX]^