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Media Matrix comes through when needed most for SCT in producing innovative academic teleconference creativestudy Client SCT Challenge Within a two-week timeline, produce an interactive satellite-based teleconference Tools Video production, graphic design, speaker support Details For Malvern-based computer software experts SCT, the challenge was clear: Win an important contract by producing an interactive satellitebased teleconference for the Florida Consortium of Community Colleges, including video, speaker support, graphics, real-time audience feedback and additional technologies – in only two weeks. The solution that played a major role in landing the teleconference contract: Media Matrix. Media Matrix creativity, production skills, and experience with SCT allowed them to provide full-service support for the ambitious project and meet the uncommonly tight turnaround time – a feat that two experienced SCT competitors were unable to match. “It helped that we’re so familiar with SCT and their products and services,” said Media Matrix President Michael Olenski. “Where other potential producers would have to shoot new footage, we had a library of existing SCT shots covering the last several years. Where the