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For Schering-Plough and their new product NASONEX the answer was yes...because they turned to the wide-ranging business communications expertise of Media Matrix to provide the national teleconference they needed to get this new nasal inhaled steroid product off to a flying start. Oddly, one of the biggest challenges surrounding the launch event was that the pending competition for NASONEX was coming from Schering-Plough’s own success with it's Vancenase family of products, regarded as the top performers in the allergy treatment market. To get the message across that NASONEX had “Performance Plus” that outdid anything else the reps or their physicians had seen before, Schering-Plough turned the creative and technical aspects of the teleconference over to Media Matrix—an organization with its own commitment to “Performance Plus.” and Schering-Plough sales executives were shot in various locations—a movie theatre, a basketball court, and a TV studio—contributing to the “big media event” atmosphere that made the teleconference entertaining as well as informative. The reason for the exotic locations: A series of video vignettes Media Matrix quickly crafted a creative and memorable teleconference treatment featuring a video host who acted as emcee...and then some. The host’s task was to drive the event forward, helping to set up both entertainment and informational content, getting involved in banter with featuring people from all walks of life, people who had achieved a high level of performance—then moved on to a new level of excellence called “Performance Plus”—in filmmaking, in basketball, in television. It was the message that Schering-Plough wanted the teleconference attendees across the country to hear, because the plan for NASONEX was to accomplish exactly the same thing—make the performance of a market leader even better. Schering-Plough presenters, “reporters” at each teleconference downsite (Schering-Plough sales executives interviewing the attendees), and even top-level management. The basic framework of the teleconference quickly emerged as the planning continued. First there was a central “studio” featuring the host and some guests, pre-recorded video vignettes, and sets plus props (created by Media Matrix). Complementing the studio—and making the event extra The wide and diverse locations for the NASONEX teleconference set up numerous technical challenges for Media Matrix, involving timing, satellite transmissions from all over the U.S., a creative blend of executive presentations with audience participation, and many more. All the challenges were met, and at the end of this important event, both the teleconference attendees and the Schering-Plough event planners had seen how excellent performance could be transformed into “Performance Plus”—in launching a new product, and in devising a clever and technically flawless forum for a nationwide launch of that product. memorable—were live video feeds to downlink sites all across the U.S., complete with enthusiastic sales reps and interviews. Pre-recorded video questions from representatives about the product launch and marketing strategy, and videotape of physicians discussing the benefits of NASONEX, completed the “media event.” What’s more, the teleconference host didn’t stick to the main set exclusively. Video sequences featuring the host Media Matrix is a Horsham, PA-based communications company involved in the production and staging of business meetings, webcasts and teleconfe