Media Matrix - Teleconferences - Page 4

Media Matrix helps a pharmaceutical industry leader reach a new level of performance creativestudy Client Schering-Plough Challenge Create a clever forum for a nationwide product launch Tools Video production, audio/visual equipment, satellite, on-site event coordination, staging and props, print graphics Details Everyone agrees that the launch of an important new pharmaceutical product should be a gala occasion—especially when the product in question is designed to replace an acknowledged leader in its field, and when the company behind the launch needs to get everyone pulling together to drive a potential category-dominating concept. That calls for something extra, all right, when it comes to planning and executing a product launch meeting. participation by the entire force assigned to sell the product—from beginning to end of an intensive day-long U.S. teleconference? A colorful and irreverent TV “host” who expertly tied together video and live sequences by Schering people from all across the U.S. and beyond? A complex blend of electronic media, live participation, a Q&A “hot line” for Schering reps, and “on-the-spot reporters” at each site visited by the teleconference? Could it really happen—all without a hitch?