Media Matrix - Teleconferences - Page 3

The first challenge to overcome was the nine-hour time difference between California and the main SynteractHCR on-stage presentation before a live audience in Munich. With the event date drawing closer, Media Matrix and SynteractHCR decided on a webcast beamed from Munich to the computers of the audience in Carlsbad and other sites globally. Next came the issue of the differences between European PAL video transmission standards and U.S. NTSC standards, which required Media Matrix to work with the European technicians to reconcile two different aspect ratios and video frame rates. With the technical issues overcome, Media Matrix next tackled the challenge of making HCR employees feel that they would be key players in the new organization. This was accomplished by featuring employee video footage, recorded in both Munich and Carlsbad and edited to create multiple segments to be shown during the event. This featured employees from both sites talking about the new organization, the energy it brought to the marketplace, and how Synteract was the right company to partner with going forward. Then came the tough part: finding a location in Munich that could accommodate the live audience and the projection equipment, and have the necessary bandwidth to upload the video and audio signal from Munich out to the world on the precise dates of event, setup and rehearsal. That posed a problem. Some locations had the bandwidth but not the availability; others were available on the desired dates but didn’t have the bandwidth. Finally, Media Matrix suggested a simple alternative: secure a facility with availability and, instead of webcasting from Munich, dispatch a satellite truck to that location, sending video and audio for web streaming via satellite. That did the trick. Preparations went ahead with a satellite truck to transmit a full-motion, full-screen video back to the U.S. where it would be picked up by Media Matrix’s webcasting partner and sent out via the web. A website was created for the event so attendees could register and view the program. So far, so good. But then yet another challenge arose. While the Munich audience would be seeing the program live, supported by a large video screen, the larger Carlsbad audience at Synteract headquarters could only experience the event through small computer windows. The webcast image, while ideal for a single person viewing, was too small for an audience gathered in front of large monitors in groups. Media Matrix and SynteractHCR agreed that greater impact was needed. “That meant a larger image on a larger screen in Carlsbad. But we couldn’t just set up a larger screen in California and then do the webcast from Munich,” said Media Matrix President Michael Olenski. “However, since we were already sending a satellite signal to the U.S. for the webcast, we could just put a satellite dish in Carlsbad so the people there would be seeing a full-motion, full-screen video.” In Carlsbad, in the early morning hours on the day of the event, a Media Matrix satellite truck arrived at the Synteract headquarters to set up the full-motion, full-screen video and audio signal. Carlsbad attendees were able to watch the SynteractHCR presenters on large screens in multiple conference rooms in full-motion video. The presentations went off without a hitch, including simultaneous broadcasts to SynteractHCR audiences around the globe via the X8%[[\ X[ XZ[[ݘ]܈[HX[\HܛYBY Z[\X []][ۘ[[[ Y[\\[][]YYY[\B]\[ۙH[\YH]\HۈH[YHYKH[\XԈYY][][ܞH\YHݙ[YYXHX]^X[]HݚYHXX[^\\K\ۜ]H\ܝ[]\][X[Y[Y[ ]]YX[][[ܙH[]܈[\Xԋ]ݙY]YYXHX]^[[[ۜ]HH[YH]X]\]XZHHY\[H[BԓܛܙX]]]K؛[K\[[ HX[]HݚYH^[[]X[]BۈHؘ[[K[HۘX܈[]]\]Z\[[B]\܈H[[ۈ\KYYXHX]^\Hܜ[KKX\Y[][X][ۜ\[H[Y[BX[ۈ[Y[و\[\YY][X\[[Xۙ\[\š[\X]H][K[YYXH][Y[Y[\HX[ۈ[[]\[\Yۋ