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Media Matrix Creativity, Flexibility Creates Memorable Event for SynteractHCR creativestudy Client SynteractHCR Challenge Produce a creative program in Munich, Germany and make it available live around the world Tools Video production, live staging, teleconference, and webcast Details Creative, proactive approaches to meeting emerging challenges, along with increasing globalization, are topics familiar to everyone in the healthcare industry. SynteractHCR, a fast-growing contract research organization (CRO), applies the same approaches in dealing with the global marketplace. That’s why SynteractHCR management and attendees were especially pleased with Media Matrix’s own creative, proactive meeting production techniques, which produced a successful and memorable worldwide meeting event to mark the occasion of Carlsbad, CA-based Synteract’s acquisition of HCR (Harrison Clinical Research) of Munich, Germany. Media Matrix was asked to put forth a truly special effort to mark a special occasion. And they succeeded — overcoming a number of challenges along the way. Some background: founded in 1995, Synteract grew steadily over the years until reaching a major milestone with the HCR acquisition, which gave SynteractHCR (the new company name) a worldwide presence in rapidly expanding markets. Aligning the two organizations’ global efforts and personnel was crucial, so SynteractHCR leadership scheduled an informational meeting which would originate in Munich with live executive presentations to an audience of Harrison Clinical Research employees soon after the close of the sale. The plan was to webcast the event to dozens of sites worldwide including the Carlsbad, California headquarters of Synteract. SynteractHCR selected Media Matrix to produce the webcast, including the staging of the live event and all pre-produced video segments.