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product. Media Matrix immediately got underway writing scripts, casting talent, acquiring wardrobe, creating props and building sets. With all required elements in place, Media Matrix began production on pre-recorded interviews and related video segments to be incorporated into the show. It was learned early in the planning process that scheduling conflicts would make it impossible to videotape Schering executives at the beach, so Media Matrix brought the beach to Schering. Interviews with Schering executives were videotaped in a studio in front of a green background. Media Matrix was able to replace the green background with actual footage of the beach. Beach scenes were embellished with a variety of studio sets and props (including 2,500 pounds of hours that followed, the two commentators in beach attire conducted interviews sand), and the resulting video looked as authentic with Schering managers from several locations on the beach. The interviews as the footage actually shot on the beach. were separated by two 30-minute Q&A sessions, during which product managers and distinguished guests for Vancenase AQ Double-Strength appeared under a To bring a competitive element to the show, cabana in front of crashing waves to take live calls from Schering sales reps at Media Matrix employed a surfing competition the forty down sites. between Vancenase AQ Double-Strength and rival products. Two sports commentators, attired in Michael Olenski, Media Matrix president and producer of the teleconference, shorts and colorful Hawaiian shirts, covered the summarizes the recent Schering project with the following remarks: “As a action from the beach as the contest unfolded. company, we have always provided our clients with a single source of contact for Actors representing competing products were the solutions they require. This teleconference depicts a clear illustration of the shown wiping out in the surf, while the product diverse and far-reaching experience that our company brings to a project. A live manager for Vancenase AQ Double-Strength teleconference is the perfect blending of our media and television experience maneuvered through the huge waves with ease. with our live business meeting expertise.” Following a comprehensive editing process for all Media Matrix is a Horsham, PA-based communications company involved in the supporting video and the completion of all production and staging of business meetings, webcasts and teleconferences; required elements for the show, the day of the interactive multi-media development; videotape production and print teleconference was at hand. Media Matrix was collateral design. on-site at the main uplink location in Kenilworth, New Jersey, to produce the event from the Schering corporate headquarters. Accompanying Media Matrix was a staff of 60 which included actors, make-up artists, set designers, camera operators, teleprompter operators, audio technicians, video engineers and satellite technicians. After a 10-second countdown to the live broadcast, an audience of 1,200 watched as opening graphics animated onto screens at 40 down sites throughout the nation. In the three