Media Matrix - Teleconferences - Page 12

Media Matrix produces satellite teleconference for Schering-Plough creativestudy Client Schering-Plough Challenge Create a clever forum for a nationwide product launch Tools Video production, audio/visual equipment, satellite, on-site event coordination, staging and props, print graphics Details Media Matrix was contracted to produce a teleconference aimed at acquainting an internal audience of top managers and sales representatives with the company’s newest allergy product. The objec ]H\[\]H^][Y[[[\X\HX][[\HTHXKT[ [ݚYH\[\\[]]\]BX\][[\X][ۈۛYHX\\BX\ٝ[H\ܝHX [][^[\™ܛX] \[\XH]Z[H[[YYXXB[۝[Y[HYܙYHH]H[Xۙ\[K[HXZ[Z[[H\H[^][Y[[\]Y]H]HYY][˂[^[]H][Y[و]\[ܙX]]H[Y\HYYXHX]^ \[˜\ݙYHXX[Y[]Y 8']B]K'H\[YH\\]YHHܘ\Xœ\\[][ۈوHY[]HX\X\ۂY\\[[X\][X]\X[܈H[\B