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globe. As Media Matrix president Michael Olenski Mexico City museum that hosted more than 2,000 Congress attendees. Here, at said, “Roche Molecular needed to make the facts this historic venue, Media Matrix provided the staging and equipment for a panel about their new HPV product immediately of world-wide experts, supported by state-of-the-art AV systems and controls. accessible—including expert opinions and scientific abstracts—to a worldwide audience, The third element for the HPV launch occurred the very next morning as and they needed us to make it happen.” Media Matrix produced and staged a live Roche webcast from the HPV Congress. This included providing all on-site staging equipment and personnel The Media Matrix involvement began with the for a live audience at the Congress, but also included broadcasting the entire design and production of an interactive program event live over the web to a diverse audience around the world, where viewers at the Roche booth during the trade fair segment had the ability to e-mail questions to the presenters in Mexico. of the International Congress. Media Matrix producers created an interactive, touch screen- All told it was a very memorable event in Mexico City. Media Matrix was able to based system featuring video interviews with execute all programs flawlessly in the face of numerous challenges in Mexico leading experts from around the world, graphics involving equipment, staging, electrical power, language differences, phone line and scientific abstracts—added regularly as they issues, and even the sudden, unexpected appearance of an elaborate set on the were presented in scientific sessions. The Roche museum stage at the Palacio, around which Media Matrix had to work. In the kiosk blended user-friendly computer screens, end, their efforts paid off: Roche Molecular was thoroughly delighted with the video, and traditional print-heavy abstracts in a style and impact which Media Matrix brought to this high-visibility, prestigious smooth and innovative way. To make the HPV international event. technology hit home –literally—with every visitor, Media Matrix developed a second interactive Media Matrix is a Horsham, PA-based communications company involved in program featuring a dimensional world map set the production and staging of business meetings, webcasts and teleconferences; into a custom built table top display, so visitors interactive multi-media development; videotape production and print could click on Roche HPV initiatives by country, collateral design. keeping abreast of this new technology The second level of involvement for both Roche and Media Matrix was the staging of a symposium at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, a magnificent