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Media Matrix helps Roche launch new assay at International Congress in Mexico creativestudy Client Roche Molecular Diagnostics Challenge Help Roche launch new product to a worldwide audience, via live webcast and interactive media Tools Live webcast, interactive multimedia, video game-style kiosks, staging Details Media Matrix, a full-service business communications firm, has provided an impressive array of services for its many clients, involving many different technologies—and has met an equally impressive number of challenges. For Roche Molecular Diagnostics, a division of the Roche Group, the recent HPV International Congress in Mexico City gave Media Matrix the chance to provide creative solutions in nearly every arena of high-tech business communications…and meet a wide variety of challenges as well. From interactive multimedia programs to video game-style kiosks… from on-site staging services to the production and staging of a live webcast… Media Matrix was involved in getting the Roche Molecular messages out to a wide, diverse, and multinational audience. The stakes were high—it was Roche Molecular’s chance to unveil their new Human Papillomavirus (HPV) assay to an audience spanning the entire