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Media Matrix produces complete video training program for Borg-Warner Protective Services creativestudy Client Borg-Warner Protective Services Challenge Produce a video training program Tools Video production, scriptwriting, graphic & packaging design, print production Details Borg-Warner Protective Services employs thousands of diverse individuals all across the United States, in various security and protection specialties, from aviation security to industrial plant fire-fighting. When Borg-Warner wanted a video training program that would fit this wide spectrum of complex needs, they found a remarkably straightforward solution: Turn to their longtime source of total business communications solutions, Media Matrix, to produce five videos, from scriptwriting to final production--and produce them within a "tight-turnaround" timeframe. Borg-Warner's choice of Media Matrix was natural. Not only did Borg-Warner know that this full-service company could meet the challenge, but they also knew that the Media Matrix team had a long record of successful projects produced for Borg-Warner, dating back to 1984. "We've been successful in working with Borg-Warner over the