Media kit Global Custodian 2019

30 YEARS Global Outsourcing Services l l SPRING 2017 l £55 CUSTODIAN BANK ASSET MANAGERS Global Custodian l l SUMMER 2017 Global Custodian l l FALL 2017 Global Custodian l l WINTER 2017 Global Custodian l l SPRING 2018 ING PP E STE RVIC S IS SE AW NCIAL W HO FINA O INT S from custody and collateral Plus: Can you really fee falling innovate in a custodian bank? CLEARING DAT A MOST SOUGH ING THE T A ACT F TR SECURITIES SERV TER AT OPLE IN ICE S PE to data and clearing in frontier markets THE GET T FR ING T OM HE BIG RIG DA HT TA DA TA Outsourcing is big again; everything Survey: Agent banks Global Custodian l l SUMMER 2018 FUND ADMINISTRATORS Asset managers call for drop in custody fees 2018 will be a year of real use cases for blockchain and the securities services industry is leading the way CUSTODY’S NEW REALITY Agent Banks SURVEY in Frontier Markets WHY CUSTODY HOLDS THE KEY TO CRYPTO A lack of custody services is a major barrier for institutional investors entering the cryptocurrency world, so who is ready to step up? DATA PRESSURES PROMPT DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF CUSTODIANS CUSTODY PLUS: MUTUAL FUND ADMINISTRATION SURVEY | US READIES FOR T+2 | IS YOUR JOB SAFE? PLUS: AGENT BANKS IN MAJOR MARKETS | CUSTODIANS MAKE PLAY IN FINANCING | SIBOS SPECIAL PLUS: ETFs SPARK CUSTODY BATTLE | HOW TO DEAL WITH MIFID II | WHY ROBOTS WON’T TAKE YOUR JOB PLUS: Emerging markets and blockchain | Bitcoin and depositary tensions | APAC moving towards T+2 PLUS: Learning to live with FinTechs | Get ready for SFTR | Mutual Fund Administration Survey 2019 Media Kit