Media Kit 2017 Media Kit - Page 4

NTA’s magazine covers association updates, tourism trends and best practices. It also features travel product from tour operator, supplier and destination members in original articles researched and written specifically for industry professionals. 89% have taken action in response to information they found in Courier. PRINT 2.4 is the average pass-along rate, making tour operator readership nearly 3,400. 80% report that Courier enhances their NTA membership experience. DIGITAL Covers $4,600 Full page (opposite cover) $1,250 Full page $4,100 Side banner $1,750 2/3 vertical $3,400 Email preview ad $1,500 1/2 vertical $3,000 Limited space available 1/2 horizontal $2,800 1/3 vertical or horizontal $2,300 1/6 vertical or horizontal $1,775 Enhanced listing $525 Advertorial/sponsored content varies Insert varies Emailed 10 times a year to over 10,000 including 4,000 buyers. Courier also is housed on NTAonline. com and posted for NTA’s Facebook (4,000+) and Twitter (6,000+) followers.