Medi 452 1.1 - Page 8

Phase One Visual Analysis

Folio 10r

Writing Surface

The parchment page is a mix of brown, beige, peach, and orange. The colours are mottled and blotchy, perhaps because of damage. In the colouring of the image, some eroding is evident.The page is not transparent. Though it has many scratches, there are no rips through the page, indicating that the parchment is at least moderately thick. The page is quite large for the relative amount of content inscribed on it (the content appears to cover less than half the page.) The edges of the page are worn but still in good shape.

Description of the Overall Composition and Page Layout

This page is organized quite simply. The illustration is slightly higher than center, and touches the inner edge of the page. There is a block of text below which is similarly closer to the inner side of the page. These two components are surrounded by a luxurious amount of space. The number ten is written in the top right corner, and along the top edge of the page “in nomine” is written. There are no decorative elements other than these main components.

Diagram of Page Layout



RIGHT: f.10r, Harley MS 647, British Library <>