Medi 452 1.1 - Page 6

I began my search for a manuscript by exploring scientific texts on the British Library website. In particular, I was drawn to astrological treatises because I enjoy how, especially in ancient works, this subject can be a meeting ground for science, philosophy, and mythology. At first, this manuscript caught my attention because of its content; as a Greek and Roman studies major, Cicero is a familiar name.

It kept my attention when I saw the way in which text is used within the images of the constellations. Although it may not be as lavishly decorated as some other illuminated manuscripts, I think the way image and text are combined in this manuscript is very appealing, and that Harley 647 will make an excellent case study for discussion in a class on text and image relationships!

Why Harley 647?

f.7r, Harley MS 647, British Library <>