Medi 452 1.1 - Page 23

Royal MS 6 E IX

This manuscript will help me to explore the relationship of text and image, specifically within the constellations that are made up of text. The crowns depicted in this manuscript appear to have the same relationship, although they use no additional purely illustrated parts (such as the head and talons of Aquila in Harley 647). Throughout this manuscript, the text appears to be pasted onto the image. Considering and comparing the way text and image is displayed in this manuscript will help me to understand the relationship between the two, especially in instances where they appear intertwined.

Voynich Manuscript

Although it is unclear what exactly is written in these illustrations from the Voynich Manuscript, the technique in which text is used within images to form some part of the image is comparable to the constellations in Harley 647. Examining this manuscript will help me to understand the function of text when it is used as an image (perhaps particularly in a pseudo-scientific context.)

LEFT/ABOVE: f.69v, Beinecke MS 408, Beinecke Library <>