Medi 452 1.1 - Page 20

Harley MS 2506

Harley MS 2506 is also a copy of Cicero's Aratea (with commentary on the sides) and is thought by some to have been copied from Harley 647. The images, although different in style, have all the same defining features as the constellations in Harley 647. Even the text formatting is similar, with one larger letter at the beginning of each line and no particular part standing out from the rest. Similarly to Cotton. Tib. 5. V., I hope that comparing this manuscript to Harley 647 will help me understand how another illustrator would have seen the important aspects of Harley 647, and how that illustrator considered how formatting could be interpreted without losing its meaning.

RIGHT: f.42r, Harley MS 2506, British Library <>

BELOW LEFT:f.36v, Harley MS 2506, British Library <>

BELOW RIGHT:f.45v, Harley MS 2506, British Library <>