MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 7

Welcome to World of MedAchievers Beginning in 2014, we realized that there are many in India and world over who have explored their potential to contribute signicantly to healthcare and to make the world healthy. Undeterred, conquering all obstacles they have emerged as successful leaders and entrepreneurs as they discovered their dreams. It is only relevant that in our agenda Celebrating Healthcare we start collecting, collating, and sharing experiences of the MedAchievers, for the emerging leaders to draw inspiration from. From this 1st edition of Coffee Table Book we have embarked on our journey to explore India and the World, and share our discovery far and wide to create an ever expanding group of entrepreneurs and leaders in health sector. We believe that this ame that we have ignited in MedAchievers platform will serve to keep people motivated through their journey.