MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 52

IDEA THAT MADE AN ACHIEVER I am architect in third generation in our family. My grandfather professor architect Uki Heikkinen founded UKI Architects year 1958. I follow the path guided by my grandfather and my father to design innovative built environments. Over the years competence is gained to cover entire eld of architecture. KNOW ME KEY ACHIEVER STEPS 1958 UKI Architects founded 1960s Becoming all-round expert THE BUSINESS MODEL 1970s Years of internationalization UKI Architects has executed wide variety of projects in Finland and abroad in Russia, Turkey and Uruguay. User oriented design process has been the key success factor. Buildings are made for people to work and live. We focus to make users happy without forgetting economic realities of the projects. We prole us as implementer of demanding projects with planning expertise in ve areas: apartment, business, hospital, industry as well as public works and land use planning. 1972 Matti Heikkinen, my father took over the management CHAMBER OF SECRET I have studied architecture in Denmark. That gave me insight architecture is not pure art, but it should be functional to serve users. I am creator of the VALO™ method, acquisition expert, entrepreneur. I have ultimately take care that the clients get exactly what they need. I have to look the small and big pictures. I have understood the power of continuity and trust. I enjoy listen to music and life with the family. MY JOURNEY & MY WAY We have made signicant contribution in developing design methods and recognizing customer needs. It has been vital for the birth of the user-driven VALO™ design method. Year 2011 we started collaborative development with eVocons. That development created VALO Company year 2015 to provide services in virt X[X[]H܈\YۈXܘ][ۋNN ]\X[ۜŒNNLۙ^\\B H^\[ۙY\ HHݙ\X[Y[Y[وHٻ XB ][Y[وS(\YۈY]\Y LHXܘ]]H][Y[وS(\Y]UۜŒ MHS\[H\ܙX]Y۝[YB][Y[