MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 50

IDEA THAT MADE AN ACHIEVER In Finland every man is expected to build a house to their family. The hard learning curve of building skills known by old wise men make them say: "One builds the rst house to his worst enemy, the second house to his best friend and the third one to his loved ones". I realized that the two rst versions should be built in virtual reality, where it's easier, faster and cheaper. A lot of mistakes are prevented. I have learnt the big collaborative effort of hundreds people it requires to build a hospital. The high technology is enabler, but it alone won't make progress happen. Hard, consistent, achievement oriented collaborative team work is needed. Virtual reality helps to see and collaborate in the future. THE BUSINESS MODEL To develop hospitals of the future in virtual reality requires to change working habits in design. Virtual reality allows combine brainpower of hundreds of people to co-create and innovate better future. Fast visualization of the hospital design and multiple improved iterative versions lead to efcient space layout. Increased efciency pays back as number of patients taken care. VALO Company provides VALO method of knowledge, technologies and software to educate design organizations and users to achieve capability to build better tomorrow. We provide this knowledge and tools to development projects of healthcare. CHAMBER OF SECRET Enthusiasm into what you do. Obstacles are won using it. Enthusiastic people seek the way and solution. Collaborative team work is second key factor. Build the team you can trust on when obstacles start raise. When you create something new there are big bumps always on the road. Create enthusiastic collaborative team and innovate the road to future. MY JOURNEY & MY WAY I have been fortunate to lead innovative organizations, which have been developing themselves and their services or products continuously. Experience gained in the past has given me capability to build future. Work career path has taken me from cold Finland to work years in Asia region in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Philippines. After working couple years in Estonia I started virtual reality business which lead to create VALO Company. Organizations I have managed have varied in size from small startups to 1700 persons public listed company. So far I have started 6 startup companies. Key working areas with almost 50/50 ratio have been ICT production and software development. I have lead factory building projects in China and Malaysia. Seeing the enthusiasm into design better healthcare facilities has been big innovator for me during past ve years I have worked with future hospitals. I have seen the enthusiasm to grow in eyes of participants while design work progress and more of the future can be seen in virtual reality. I feel happiness again when entering to India. I have found enthusiastic people who want to develop better healthcare to India and share same values. Virtual reality helps smart people collaboratively visualize the future care facilities and shape the future before it happens. VR increases the speed of progress. The two rst houses really can be built safely learning from errors and the real one is the built environment where we want to be. KNOW ME KEY ACHIEVER STEPS 1980 Graduated in Engineering of Computer Science 1980 – 2009 Gained experience in management and development - ICT production 15 yrs - Software development 13 yrs Before entering to business in virtual reality lived and worked in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Estonia over 7 years 2006 Start working with idea of building in virtual reality 2008 Started 1st 3D visualization company in Finland and production company in Philippines 2011 Started eVocons to develop VR Software and collaboration with VALO from UKI Architects 2012 Collaborative design of VALO CAVE concept 2013 Collaboration in 1st Hospital project with VALO Design team 2015 VALO Company jointly with UKI Architects 2016 VALO entering to India