MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 48

BACKGROUND Locally-developed e-solutions have revolutionized Estonia's healthcare system. Doctors and patients, not to mention hospitals and the government, are beneting from the convenience, access, and savings that these eservices have brought. Our President Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves has been elected as Chairman of the “EU Task Force on eHealth” with the Fundamental task of Redesigning health in Europe by 2020. Key Estonian companies that have revolutionized the healthcare sector. Nortal is the 1st in the world to offer HL7 FHIR patient record and HL7 FHIR data exchange. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a draft standard describing data formats and elements (known as "resources") and an Application Programming Interface (API) for exchanging Electronic health records. The standard created by the Health Level Seven International (HL7) health-care standards organization. Helmes has developed a product that is used by at least 100,000 insurance specialists around the world. MediSoft- The biggest Estonian software developer in the elds of social insurance and healthcare. HansaSoft-The rst digital prescription in Estonia was sold by using the HansaSoft Information System for Pharmacies. Today 97% of prescriptions in Estonia are digitized. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES WITH INDIA Estonian Genome Center - The Center has stored the genetic information about 50 000+ people currently, which is over 5% of Estonia's total adult population. Companies can tap into this data and run research on different connections between medical cases, lifestyle, genetic information. The research group and facilities also provide various services for companies. Always maintain client condentiality at the highest level with personal data protection laws. 3% of universities in the world and has been teaching medicine at the highest levels for four centuries. The University is willing to consider options to explore partnerships with companies in the elds of R&D, clinical trials, testing, etc. Medicine Estonia - Apart from the Made in the EU label and strong patient laws to safeguard your interests. The Estonian market has excellent research, public programs and healthcare system, e-Health solutions, etc. which are unconsolidated. For example biotech and pharma have great research teams with extraordinary workforce but only micro and small companies. For Indian Companies, this means that a new player on the market could be a leader straight from the start. Various grants and support schemes for product development and R&D cooperation with universities (Estonian and foreign). The grants can range up to Euro 2 million and can be used mainly for R&D operations but also equipment, facilities, apparatus upgrade, etc. Estonian nationwide platform for health data management, active Wellness and digital health start-up community, Centers of Excellence in Healthcare Technology development. For more information for exploring healthcare opportunities in Estonia please feel free to contact Mr. Ankit Bahl-Advisor Trade & Investment ( KNOW US INTRODUCTION TO ESTONIA Estonia connects the dots between Scandinavia, Central Europe and what lies to the east Estonia's capital Tallinn is the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe - a UNESCO world heritage site. Estonia speaks well as English, Russian, Finnish and German Estonia is about 50% forest- One of the Cleanest airs in the world Estonia is a digital society- First country to offer e-Residency. Member of EU, Eurozone, OECD, NATO and Schengen Credit ratings: Fitch A+ S&P AA- Moody’s A1 1st in International Tax Competitiveness Index in 2015 2nd in Index of Economic Freedom in EU (9 th in the World) The Singing Nation Estonian Song and Dance Celebration is the signature event and a reason why Estonians are often referred to as the "singing nation". The uniqueness of this mesmerizing event has even earned the song and dance celebration a place at UNESCO's prestigious list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The University of Tartu is ranked among the top Estonia : MedAchievers Country Partner