MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 42

THE BUSINESS MODEL CHAMBER OF SECRET Our strategy is to increase sustainable revenue growth by serving as a global leader in developing and applying technologies to solve emerging, sometimes underappreciated, but important and fundamental healthcare problems. We apply technology and clinical knowledge to make healthcare more effective, efcient and safe. It is simple and ambitious: to focus our work on creating a new and better healthcare company. We are creating end-to-end solutions across the care continuum — from the hospital, to alternate care and retail settings, to the home — to improve healthcare efciency, quality and outcomes. We are committed to: 1. Enabling safer, simpler and more effective parenteral drug delivery 2. Improving clinical outcomes through more accurate, timely and efcient diagnostics 3. Providing tools and technologies to the research community that facilitate the understanding 4. of the cell, cellular diagnostics and cell therapy 5. Enhancing disease management in diabetes, women's health and cancer, and infection control 6. Improving clinical, laboratory and research practices in emerging markets When BD was founded at the turn of the 20th century, we were a startup creating the building blocks of modern medicine—needles and syringes to deliver medications and vaccinations, blood collection devices to support accurate diagnosis, and many other technologies for delivery of healthcare. 118 years later, having completed $12 billion acquisition of CareFusion, the companyhas stronger capabilities and a renewed spirit of innovation toaddress some of the world's most pressing health challenges. BD is guided by a clear strategy grounded in customer needs and will continue its unwavering support to make a difference–not just for the shareholders, but for the world as a whole. Because of our global reach and the nature of our work, we serve and rely on a wide range of stakeholders. Engaging with them–through a variety of channels across many parts of our organization–is critical to how we apply the principle of shared value and therefore essential to our business success. Often we work collaboratively with stakeholders who share our objectives and, in the process, we gain a deep understanding of their work and use the information to improve our products, services and business practices. KEY ACHIEVER STEPS Establishment– 1995 in India / A manufacturing plant in Bawal, Haryana is spread across 12.5 acres of land, and has a capacity to churn out over a billion medical devices of disposable needles and syringes using a highly automated process as per global standards.  Success in your initiative  Funding Awards –  Fortune's most admired company (global award)  Ranked in the Fortune Change the World List for the second consecutive year (global award)  Aon Best Employers in India – 2016  ET Best Healthcare Brand in India – 2016  Best Places for Women & Diverse Managers to Work (global award)  BD became the global leader in the $20 billion medication management industry with the acquisition of CareFusion. The new extended portfolio of products provides a complete endto-end solution from pharmacy to patient. We are very well positioned to become a more customer-centric provider of world-class, quality, innovative healthcare products and solutions — a company focused on increasing access, improving outcomes, mitigating healthcare system cost pressures and protecting patients and healthcare workers. While we continue to expand our leadership and relevance in the spaces, care settings and geographies that we have served so well for so long, we are also beginning to extend into emerging areas — including digital health and single cell genomics, and adjacent care settings across the patient care continuum — to ensure we are well aligned as our dynamic industry continues to evolve. While much is changing at BD, the core of who we are and what we stand for has not wavered. Our purpose — Advancing the world of health — highlights our expanded role as an industry leader and reinforces our commitment and ability to improve healthcare around the globe. We will continue our track record of sharedvalue creation, seeking out opportunities to serve unmet societal needs through business models and initiatives that also contribute to our commercial success. Such endeavors earned BD a spot on FORTUNE magazine's rst-ever “Change the World” list, which acknowledges companies that make a sizable impact on major social or environmental problems as part of their competitive strategy. MY JOURNEY & MY WAY 1897 Company Founding 1906 First US syringe and needle factory 1924 First Insulin Syringe 1942 First Penicillin injection device 1949 First evacuated blood collection tube 1952 First sterile disposable device 1954 First disposable syringes f ܈[[[\ZYۂNM\X\XY\[\[YY\ŒNM\]]X]Y[\H\[BNM̈\; [ܙ\[HX]]Y[ܝ\NN\Y]KY[[Y\Y\[BNNLH\]]YX\؛H\[BH\HHؘ[YYX[XH\[H]\Y[[HܛوX[H[\ݚ[›YYX[\ݙ\KXYۛX[H[]\Hق\K[XYY[ [\H\H\X][ۈق\XY\\\\[[H[Y\Hܛ [\[X[[[\ˈ\\H[\Y\]\][B8$]\][[[[]\[X\œ]K[ً]KX\YYX[XY\Y\[H]\\و\X\H܈[\ݚ[X[]Y\܈]Y[\[Hܛ [Y\ۈ][\H۝[][X[ܚ\HZ[[XY]\X\H]ܚ˂܈ݙ\ HYX\\Z[H\Z[]B\XY[[X[\Hܚ\Y]K\[Y\H\Hو\X]HY]Y[[Y\Y]X\]YXHH\وܛH][[Z\[ۈH\][ۘ[[\Y\ˈ[۝[YHY][܈[][ۈœY]KY[[Y\Y]X\[\H][X[ܚ\ܛYH]HX\X]X\˂H]\\Y\]H[\و]\][HˈH]HXYH][[\\]]HZ[BY\\[\[[و\\Y\[ܚ]Y\˜\[Hܛ[][H[]]]Hš[ܛX][ۈ[[Y]X^H]HۙB[XYH]YX\Yˈ\YY]X X\Y[YH\Hܛ\ۈ\\XX][]\\Y\YY ]]]\^H[YK]]\Z\\\[X\[ۜ[^HHZ\Y\YYYX[XB\Y\˂[{ ]HHYXHو[]\[˜[Z]Y[\\KY[[HܛقX[ \X]\YوH\]YK]H]]\H^KXX^KX\]\[]\[Hܚ[\[\ݚ[H]\و[[HXܛHؙKH\ܚ][H; \8']]Y\XY8'H]XH[\ݙHBY]Hو[[][^][ۈܘ[\\ܚ™][Hۈ]Xx(Y\Y]\وX]\[[]؛ܛ[ܝ[]H[[XK]\X\]\[; [[\\HوY[[HܛوX[[[[Hܛ\BˈY\[[Y]X[YYؘ[B$[[ۙ[[][ۜY\\وXۛZXœ]\8$\H[[[]و \H[ؘ[]YKӓQBQHS Hԑ SUQPS N\[ۘ]K\X[ۚ\ [Z]]K]\Z[YVHSTшS]X[Yܚ]K[K[Y\‚UԒUH[\BHSS]H؜‚АQT΂ܘ\K]\X‚QU]\\\‚UHHHHHVHQPUSӎ\[ۛHۘHBQSUSӈшPQUSQS[H[HXHXZHHYX[[ٝ[Y\[H[H]\و[[H[[B[][]Y\‚