MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 41

VARUN KHANNA CEO Becton Dickinson India Pvt. Ltd. IDEA THAT MADE AN ACHIEVER Since the Company's founding in 1897, BD has been committed to providing affordable, accessible medical technologies that help address fundamental healthcare needs. We contribute to improving healthcare through our core products and services, including medical devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. Today, we also recognize the importance of creating opportunities to make an even greater impact. We look forward to continuing to innovate and creatively address the challenges that face our company, our industry and the world in which we live. We focus on shared value through our programs and initiatives in areas where our people, products and resources can have the greatest impact. By giving our time, our talent and our resources, we seek to improve global health standards and access to healthcare for all communities. We seek to become the organization best known for eliminating unnecessary suffering and death from disease and, in doing so, become one of the best performing companies in the world.