MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 40

THE BUSINESS MODEL The purpose of business at HLL is 'to provide high quality products and services at affordable price'. HLL Lifecare Limited(HLL) is a 50-year-old Govt. of India Enterprise, under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. HLL was incorporated in 1966 to produce contraceptives to support Government's family planning programme. As a condom-manufacturing company, HLL started small, but dreamed big. Over the last 2 decades, HLL has transformed – from a Condom company to a Contraceptive company to a Healthcare delivery company. While focusing and expanding the core areas i.e. reproductive healthcare, HLL diversied into other healthcare segments like hospital products, hospital infrastructure management, medical equipment procurement consultancy, diagnostic services etc. Today HLL is a group of seven companies, with 7 state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and 22 regional ofces spread across India. It also has global presence in 115 countries. Last 10 years, HLL witnessed rapid business growth in terms of revenue and protability of operations with a CAGR of 19.21%. HLL GROUP COMPANIES: HLL Lifecare Ltd (HLL)– Parent Company: only company in the world that offers anything and everything in birth control solutions. The uniqueness of HLL is that it is the only contraceptive company in the world capable of offering a wide range of contraceptive products – Condoms (male and female), Intra Uterine Devices (Cu-T IUD and Hormonal IUD), Tubal rings, Oral contraceptive Pills (Hormonal, Nonhormonal, Emergency Pills) and Healthcare products like Blood collection Bags, Surgical Sutures, Rapid Diagnostics Kits, and pharma products including generic drugs. HLL's product range for women health includes, contraceptives, ovulation inducers, anti-emetics, menstrual cycle regulators, anti-brinolytics, MTP pills, pregnancy test kits, Diagnostic kits, natural products and vaccines. In addition to all this, HLL also offers a wide range of clinical and pathlabs, diagnostic services, pharmacies selling reliable medicines, devices and implements at high discounts, vending machines to dispense consumer goods including condoms, sanitary napkins, medicated plasters and oral rehydration salts. HLL Biotech Ltd (HBL):100% subsidiary of HLL for production of vaccines for the National Immunization Programme and new generation vaccines with an investment of INR 594 Crores. Govt. of India has declared this project as a project of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE since HBL will ensure uninterrupted supply of vacci \܂H[]\[[[][\][ۈܘ[H RT H]YܙXHX\ˈHX[]H\Z[\X\Y][[]KX\[ZK[[Z[YK ][[X[\X]Hو N HZ[[ۂ\[X[YX\H[][[X[][ۈ \\\XKYX\\\]]\[X[XY\X[\[\H[\[]\ JHX[\[H; \\K[YZ][Hۙ\H܈][Y[و]\\XX[\\\HX[YX\[[\Z[X[\œ\]Z\Y܈HRTو[XKSTSUVSRSHSS”SSӈT  NH Yܜ ]ܙ[^][ۈو[[\[Y[][ۈق\X]H[[X[ URQ”][[ۋ\H[\ܝܘ[[Y\ˈ\\\X][H[Y[\[\ܘ[[Y\8$”\X]H[[X[  B[\\[X]\[[[X[ [Z[H[[[URQ][[ۈ[۝[H]\وZ\ܚ\KXYXBY\ Z\[[]\Y\ ܚYX[X\][[][]H\X\][ۋ[ؚ[^][ۋYXB[]ܚ[]Y[KX\Yܘ[[YB\YۋZ[[[\X]HZ[[ۛYBX[Y[Y[ [ۚ]ܚ[[][X][ۋ\X\[\X\[\XX\[[[܈[K]\ YT[][Έ]HZ[HݚYBYۚ{ YYX]\[X[\H]YܙXHZ[YH[\Xܛ[XHYH[š][\HܛYY ]ݙY\[[\]]BۜZ[Yݙ\Y[][[^[]H]]H][\K]YZ›\[H\[و\[X[ۈB][ۉZ[YH[][]Y\\XB[ܙX\[Z\\XH[YKYH[\L L[[\H]Y[[X[Y[[[ˋTKX]\]H\H][[Y\XY]X\ 8$ \[\[HX\]X\[]]HX܋][\YH[][ \H\\H[Y\[\XXܛ[XH[[[ܙX\HB[]][ۘ[[]\Y\\XHYX[X]\[[[[[ܝ[]H]\\XY][“Z[[][H][Y[[ QBH[X[X[\XX]]X[[Z]YT H8$XYX\Hو8$[”\XX]]X[X[YX\[ˈT\H][ً]KX\X[]HۙܛZ[T[\˜[\H\X]HX[YX\HY]X[]NYܙXH[\XY\\ݝ ق[XH \[X[Y\ [[\\]ݝ و[XI[X][\X[\Hܘ[[YBۈ []\[X[ݙ\YI˂[]X\X\[Z]Y UTNܛYY[HYX\ MUT\H L BXYX\H\[Hو UT\XX[\Y܈[\X\H][Y[[\[Y[وYYX[\]Z\Y[[]X\[X[\BX܋UTݚY\\X\[\Yۋ[[Y\[[^X][ۈوۜX[ۂڙXˈ]^\\H[\YY; Y[X\œڙX[ۜX[ۈX[Y[Y[ \[Y[ [[Y\[ ][ [XX[ [XۚX[[Y[][ۋYX[X[[[[YYX[ K; [[X[X[Y[Y[ ۝XX[Y[Y[ X[]HX[Y[Y[[Y[\X\HX[HY\\Y\YYقܙX][]K[ً]KX\X[\HX[]Y\˂UT\[H][ۈ^H[[\ܝ[H™\X\YܙXHX[\H[]\H\[B[[XKX[Y[Y[XY[^H PJH\™\X\Y]HؚX]Hو[\\[Z[[[YX][ۘ[ܘ[\[Y\[\X\وX[\HX܋HZ\[ۈوBPH\XYHH[\و^[[H[ݚY[X\[\X\ Z[[[ۜ[[H[XX[^Y\X\[BX[\HX܋YY\\H[HۙYXYX\Hق\\X\YYXHHقYYX[]X\ˈXZ܈\ۙ[وX[\XH\HوYYX[]X\[[XK HوYYX[]X\\H[\ܝY]\[]H\HYYHXو\X[YX\[X[]Y\][[ۈ[BX\H[ۛYH\H[[XK˜Y\\\YHH[Y[\X[YX\H™[]\H[YH]YܙXHXH[X[ۜ›وXXH]HوH\X[YX\[XقYYX[]X\\Z[]\][[]B[[Z[YHۈH Xܙ\و[ \X[]BZ[[\ܝ[܈YX[X][]\H][ܙZYۈ^[H[[\[[\][ۈ܈X[H[XK\YBڙXو][ۘ[[\ܝ[HHݝو[XB[[HHYHو ӓT’VHPQUSQS’ ]X[]HXH[\\[]\[[YH˜\Y\ۈ[YK]\H[YKX[Y[Y[\[H\{ X][ۂ‚TL N ‚T L N ˂‚T M N ‚T N N ‚‚T L N LB‚PXܙY]][ۈ܈; [\YX\[Xܘ]ܞH]HHBHH \][[\\[H[Xܙ[B]T M N K‚P ][ۘ[XܙY]][ۈ\HHHHHHHXܘ]ܚY\HXܙY]][ۈ܂YYX[\[]SP]‘[H[Xܙ[H]TŒMLNN LX\{ X][ۜ°‚HX\܈X[H [X[Bۙ\YUQ \ K\X[]\\[Yۘ[B\\‚‚UHX\ RK‚QT [YJK‚X\ [JK‚PX\ ]YXJK‚LLY\][ۈ TJKSPTшPԑU’[ݘ][ۋ]\H][ܘHZ[]\KYܝ[X[ۈ[ ]H\Y\قX[\X\[]\] \™]\Y^HH\\][و[ݘ][™܈X[H[\][ۜˈ[HYX\ L\Z[Hܛ X\[\]\][[\\[H܈\X\[\X]HX[ ]XZ\Y\[H\ܜܘ]\\]\ۂYܝٙ\[ݘ]]HXš[X[]K]H\Y\و[ݘ]]HX[\HYۙHZ[H8$XZH]Z[XHBXXY \]X[]HX[\X\]YܙXHXK