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FICCI provides a platform for networking and consensus building within and across sectors and is the rst port of call for Indian industry, policy makers and the international business community. Thus the FICCI Healthservices Committee was constituted in the year 2006 as a Multi Stakeholder Committee (about 60 members currently) to provide impetus to health services in sync with the objectives of the Government to provide “Quality Healthcare to All”. Business (EoDB) with GoI. · · Since Med-Tech is integral to care provision, during the same period FICCI constituted the FICCI Medical Device Forum (MDF) and Medical Electronics Forum (MEF) to offer focused attention and serve as the Indian Industry's voice to create enabling environment for the growth and development in the MDF and MEF segments. Going by its motto this was also developed in sync with the government's agenda for “Make in India”. MDF refers broadly to consumables, implants (medical and dental), hospital infrastructure, in-vitro diagnostics devices; and MEF refers to imaging devices (diagnostic and therapeutic), radiation therapy, medical equipment and electronics. The FICCI Med-Tech Committe is now growing strong with membership of more than 40 industry players that is well recognized in industry circles and Government for its pragmatic and neutral views emerging through these forums. FICCI has been actively participating with the Health Ministry and Niti Aayog on P P P in healthcare; Private sector participation in expansion of Medical Education and setting up of private medical colleges in district hospitals or standalone; Model Patients' Rights & Responsibilitiess Strengthens policies by providing industry feedback to the nationally relevant issues, such as the Clinical Establishment Bill, National Health Bill, NCHRH Bill, National Health Policy 2015 and Nursing Act. FICCI tabled its recommendations on paradigm shift for a bright future on the reforms needed in the Nursing Act and nurse skilling. · Committee on Medical Value Travel: has been set up, with active representation from the GOI with the objective to position India as a premier medical value travel destination. · Innovation in healthcare: o Key Achiever steps Some of the Committee's initiatives and achievements are: · · Leading the Swasth Bharat mission through government's 'Swachh Bharat' initiative: The Ta s k F o r c e i s C h a i r e d b y M r Malvinder Singh, Executive Chairman, Fortis Healthcare Ltd. The focus areas are NCD & mental illness, Road safety & emergency care and IISH (Indian Industry in Solidarity for Health) Kosh o Nodal Agency of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) and Govt. of India (GOI) for: o Development of National Standard Treatment Guidelines (NSTG): Covered 280 conditions across 20 specialities. Currently FICCI is a member of the STG Task Force of NHSRC that is working on developing and updating STGs. · o Development of Clinical Pathways for RSBY: for select procedures in four specialities o National Costing Guidelines: Coding and harmonization of procedures and developing a standard template. o o Electronic Health Record Standards (EHR) and IHIN: for implementation of EHR and eHealth solutions; and has created awareness on adoption of SNOMED CT through sensitization workshops and meetings. Med-tech regulation: Development of scientic and distinct Regulatory framework for Medical devices, with details recommendation around Financial, Duty Structure , infra and increase in adoption of technology; Incentivisation of Indigenous manufacturing through focused policy measures for each Med Tech segments; Strategic long term engagement on Ease of Doing · FICCI as a member of the Sectoral Innovation Council of MoHFW and has created a Task Force in 2011 and organised Sandboxes, Hackathons, Bootcamps & B2B meetings to provide a platform to bring together all innovation stakeholders and develop a supporting ecosystem to facilitate innovation in healthcare Released Two Knowledge Papers titled “Reinventing Affordable & Universal Healthcare through Innovation” and the 2nd edition, “Healthcare Innovation and Medical Technology: reaching the unreached” Patient Safety and Quality Awareness Seminars: In collaboration with NABL & IMA has organised 7 Awareness Seminars in 2013-14 on “Quality in Diagnostics and Hospital Care” across the country to create awareness amongst physicians, lab owners and hospital administrators on patient safety and quality. Skilling India in Healthcare: FICCI Task Force on Skills Gaps in collaboration with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to undertook curriculum de [Y[[\TQܛX][X\ٝ[H\]Y[XZ]Y \][Y\\Y [HX[\H[\[YYX\H\X[H[ LKLLX\]\[Yݙ\H][ۘ[[][Y[[[ ӓT‘PHUS΂PHPS [X[X[\Bۙ\[BPH\Y[ܙ[\[][X[X[\Bۙ\[KPHPS[H [ݙ\HYX\\\]Y\H[X\][܈X[[\HZZ\\BۛYH[\XX\ˈPHPS\ܝYHZ[\HوX[ [Z[B[\KH\X]\Y\[[\XB]Y[H[\H[Hݙ\Y[›]ܚ[[X\]Hۈ[\Y[\Y\™[\\[X[\H[H[KBXX[X]\\\H ^\ۙ\[K\\[][ۈ\]][ۋXX[\[ۜۂ\ ]\[[ݘ][ۈ[X[\KPHX[\H^[[H]\•HPHX[\H^[[H]\œ\ܝYH]X[]H[[و[XH[H BZ[H][X]][ܙ[^][ۜ[[]YX[™܈Z\۝X][ۜH[\HB[ݘ][܈[ܙX\YY XY[KYܙX[]B[[\ݙY\ܛX[HوX[\B[]\H]\K‘PHX[[\[Hۙ\[BPHX[[\[Hۙ\[Hܙ[\Y[X[H[H \ܝYH[\[BY[]ܞH][Y[]]ܚ]Hو[XBTJH Hܛ[[H]X[]H[X[\HYX[[\[H[ݚY\Hܝ[H\HH; [[[\[Z[]HHܚۙHHPHX[[\[Hܛ\H\\]YY[H[YZZ\\ۜK\YX\Hۙ\[H\œY[YۈX[X\  M]][BY[YHX[\H[XB[[\][ۘ[[[Z]ۈYYX[[YH][ܙ[^YHPH[ MH[Xܘ][ۈ]HHHHHHHHH HHKݙ\Y[و[XH[\X][ۈ]\XB^ܝYY UX][΂Y[X[ۙ\[HۈYYX[[XۚX\[[  K LH  L  MHݙ\[XH XBX\[H[Y]ܚ˂‚ M QPH[ۙY\YHܘ[H[YX][ۈY]H[]X[]H\\[B]]ZX[\HY[]ܞH\‚ MHPHۙX \[XH\[Y[]ܞH[\][H ]QKR[[‚‚ MQPH]\\Y[ق\XX]]X[][\H[XBYYX[]XH^ۙ\[K\Z[Y][ۈXKLLK M[[\H[XB