MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 29

THE BIG IDEA Life Sciences Sector Skill Development With the ever evolving healthcare delivery landscape and demand for skilled workforce, Max Institute of Health Education and Research (MIHER) has crafted a student-centered educational environment that not only imparts quality education but also hones their interpersonal skills and communication. MIHER's key focus is to provide holistic training programs, promote preventive healthcare and train students from less privileged backgrounds for gainful employment. MIHER's reach extends to the remotest parts of India and its programs aim to create a systemic and societal change. Council, Delhi University and other international partners is testimony to its societal impact. This societal change cannot occur in silos and needs a collaborative approach. We invite you towards this transformation and there are multiple avenues where your support will help in grooming deserving individuals, who will then strengthen the employable workforce of the nation. THE BUSINESS MODEL MIHER's primary focus area is the healthcare sector, but by virtue of doing so, the organization positively impacts livelihoods; improves quality of life and ultimately eradicates poverty. MIHER's holistic programs addresses issues of sanitation, health, gender bias and youth empowerment as well. MIHER's success lies in creating impact in the following spheres:     Vocational Training Livelihoods Community Engagement Powerful Partnerships CHAMBER OF SECRETS Simulation Training & Research MIHER's strength lies in its intensive research and integrated simulation techniques that provide rst-hand experience to healthcare professionals. Through these real-life situations, students are able to rene their clinical and behavioral skills and work as one single team in times of emergency or otherwise. Customized programs and indepthresearch leads to skilled healthcare professionals who eventually drive excellence in the healthcare sector. Vocational Courses In Schools MIHER's interventions penetrates into ruralmostdistricts of India. In collaboration with NSDC & State Education Boards of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab, MIHER facilitates a school-based vocational educational program in 'Patient care assistant' for 9th to 12th grade students and has been able to touch the lives of over 8,700 students. Partnerships Miher College Of Nursing Over the years, MIHER has been able to forge partnerships with leading corporates, government bodies and international rms in order to multiply the impact and create Sustainable change. Partnerships with GE Healthcare, Sodexo, Health Sector Skill Council, National Skill Development Council, MIHER College of Nursing MIHER College of Nursing provides the best oncampus program for students working Towards earning a Bachelor in Nursing. MIHER employs state of the art simulation, lab Facilities and highly qualied faculty; so that the students are trained to become industry ready teamed with utmost efciency, a clear psyche and a strong personality. KNOW US KEY ACHIEVER STEPS  14000+ Students Trained  400+ Faculty Members Employed  6 States and 50+ Districts Reached  ISO 9001:2008& ISO 29990:2010 Certied Organization