MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 25

THE BUSINESS MODEL The organization aims to follow a patient centric approach, offering choices and respecting patient preferences with a focus on Human Capital Development and Corporate Ethics. Medical Ethics is an inseparable element of the Group's core values. We are committed to value based management and administration. We believe in maintaining clean functional infrastructure, but the focus has been to always upgrade our medical infrastructure, so that patients have access to the best medical technology. To make this possible one main area we keenly look into is keeping the costs affordable. Affordable does not mean poor quality. The NABL and NABH accreditations are witness to standard of our service delivery. As a culture, we train our team to be extremely conscious of reducing wastage and be sensitive in use of materials. Transparency is yet another fundamental entity that we emphasize and practice. Patients go back home with complete knowledge of the medical treatment and the billing process. The transparency has enabled us to win condence of not only patients from Eastern India but also from neighbouring countries ; so evident so that one satised patient brings back three new patients from his locality. KEY ACHIEVER STEPS 1. Peerless Hospital has been awarded as the 6th Best multispeciality Hospital of Eastern India in the All India Multispeciality Hospital Ranking Survey 2016. 2. Peerless Hospital has been granted the prestigious NABH accreditation 3. NABL accreditation 4.Peerless Hospital has won the award in 4th International Patient Safety Congress and Asian Patient Safety Awards 2014. CHAMBER OF SECRET The Hospital had been the First in Eastern India to start joint replacement surgery, to house Neonatal ICU and to introduce at panel cath lab. Pioneer in cochlear implantation the programme started with the rst implantation in 2002 and paediatric implantation started in 2003. Peerless Hospital is the only hospital to house a dedicated major operation theatre within the Emergency Department and has remodeled its OT Complex entirely by reconstructing individual Operation Theatres (OT), within the Complex, into Modular type – very rst in Eastern India. This would lead to OTs being virtually free from Hospital Acquired Infection. It had also created an integrated Hitech Central Sterilization Supply Department (CSSD) which would reduce post-operative infection. More so, an Integrated Operation System connecting the modernized CSSD with Modular Main OT Complex has also been developed. This is a novel feature and unique in Eastern India. The modular operation theatre complex, housing seven state-of-the art operation theatres along with seven bed postoperative unit, offers a complete sterile environment. MY JOURNEY & MY WAY Peerless Hospital attaches great importance to Academics and recognizes the need of developing a port of trained manpower. The Peerless Hospital College of Nursing offers Post Basic B.Sc Nursing, Generic B.Sc Nursing and GNM courses. Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Certicate Courses for Laboratory and Radiology Technicians are also offered. Pass outs from Master of Hospital Administration are all well placed in the industry. DNB Courses in General Surgery, General Medicine, Family Medicine, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Neuro-Surgery and Gastroenterology are being conducted in the Hospital over several years. IDCCM/IFCCM course by Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine and Training Centre for DMLT and DRD courses by State Medical Faculty of West Bengal have been approved to be conducted. The Hospital has also been offering a 3-year Masters degree in Emergency Medicine [MEM] in association with George Washington University Medical Center, USA. The centre is running courses on Master of Emergency Management in association with George Washington University, Master of Hospital Administration. Another feather added to the cap as the rst Hospital in eastern India is the recognition we got for the DNB course in Emergency Medicine which very few institutes in the country offer. The hospital is also a proud overseas examination centre for MRCP (Ireland) and Indo-Australian Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine. Peerless Hospital in association with Royal College of Physicians (RCP) offers the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) Scheme. This scheme enables a small number of suitably qualied international medical graduates to take the opportunity of 2 years clinical training and experience in the UK National Health Service (NHS) hospital trusts. Peerless Hospital actively encourages research works and the results are published and presented in prestigious scientic journals and conferences. What makes Peerless Hospital different from other hospitals of comparable size, facilities etc is the goodwill the name PEERLESS enjoys. The primary differentiator is the trust which has been built over the years, the ethical standards it has maintained alongside clinical excellence, transparency and most importantly quality service to patients with compassion and empathy. We endeavour to exhibit genuine intension to reect on the previous and prospective experiences so as to ensure a sound future. KNOW US MESSAGE FROM DR. SUJIT KAR PURKAYASTHA Technology evolves and develops, as does technical expertise, albeit more cautiously because in medicine, the application of technology is on humans and any indiscretion in its application may be the difference between life and death. Smart medicine with complex technological input is essential in modern day medical practice, but we must not forget that for well over a century, millions of lives have been saved through use of more conventional interventions like immunisation. The discovery of antibiotics was another great miles