MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 23

SHHL JOURNEY BIG IDEA With a mission to ensure accessible and affordable quality healthcare by compassionate 1980s: Dr. Jitendra Das Maganti incorporates medical professionals to all, thriving on Seven Hills Hospitals in 1984; KNOW US evidence based medicine generated from medical research and academics, SevenHills 1988: Acquires land in Visakhapatnam and hospitals was. constructs SevenHills Vizag with a capacity of ACHIEVEMENTS: 80 beds Year 2015  ·Acccredited by JCI outcomes, patient safety & patient satisfaction; 1990 to 2005: Expands SevenHills Vizag to 250  ·Performed 2000+ Cardiac Surgeries we have created and environment of trust, beds To provide value added innovative, consistent, and continuously improving to sustain and improve clinical Year 2014 honesty, mutual respect, equality, and ethics. 2006: Commences construction a Health City in  ·Accredited by NABH & NABL Mumbai. The SevenHills multi-speciality  ·1st Successful Live Liver Transplant It is not just a hospital, but a health city. Within hospital, Mumbai is a follow-through on the  ·Most Angioplasties & Angiographies (19 lies one of Asia's largest hospitals, offering BMC's (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) patient's) in a single day by a Single doctor residential accommodation to its doctors and unnished cancer hospital project. A formal (Limca Book Record) staff, and facilitating a premier department of lease agreement on the project was signed emergency medicine and centers of excellence between Mumbai Municipal Council and the Year 2013 for key super specialties. Built on a sprawling Seven Hills group. The hospital would focus on  area of 17 acres of land with 2 million sq.ft. of cancer, neurology, cardiovascular, nephrology, BUSINESS MODEL ·Adjudged the 7th best Hospital in Mumbai (The Week Magazine)  ·The 'Friends of SevenHills Campaign' - built-up area, we offer an array of medical cosmetic-surgery and orthopaedics. About 20 services, ranging from preventive to high end per cent of the hospital's beds are for special privileges for select Doctors & curative services in all super-specialities and municipality patients and facilities to these Nursing Homes broad specialities. patients are available at municipal hospital  rates. Modern society has reaped great benets from A new company, Seven Hills Healthcare Ltd was technological advancements. The SevenHills oated for the project and SHHL became the Hospital has also incorporated the latest main promoter in this company.  SevenHills Health enters the Limca Book of Records for the fastest D2B time in preventing a heart attack and performing an angioplasty in under 16 minutes against the technology and medical equipment in patient care that helps the doctors diagnose diseases ·Conducting the highest number of Open Heart Surgeries in Maharashtra international standard of 90 minutes; 2008: Fund managed by J.P.Morgan invests and treat patients effectively and efciently. The Technology that is rmly entrenched at 2010: President of India inaugurates SevenHills Year 2012 SevenHills Hospital Includes; SPECT/ CT, Health City;  LINAC, HDR Brachy therapy, Digital imaging, EEG etc.: SevenHills e-Health's receives the best ICT enabled Hospital of the Year 2012 2011: Launched the 'Health @ School'  Program, an initiative to educate students on CHAMBER OF SECRETS Doctors, Hospitals & its functioning as a Social SevenHills Hospital has established itself as a Initiative Year 2010  comprehensive healthcare system in Winner, the best Hospital for International Patient Services 2011-2012 Granted Institutional Member Rights, 2013: Joins an exclusive club of hospitals world- Benets & Privileges of the American tertiary care services to more than 50 million wide that can perform Trans Umbilical Breast Hospital Association people across six states. We bring the tradition Augmentation; Expands SevenHills Vizag to Visakhapatnam, providing multi-specialty and experience of two and a half decades in 335 beds; Launched a specially designed delivering affordable healthcare services in a ambulance for NICU patients/ transfers; patient-friendly environment, with a strong belief Launched the 'Liver Transplant Program' in in ethical and transparent medical practices. We association with Dr. Subash Gupta, famed currently have branches in Mumbai and transplant surgeon; Celebrated 1 year of Rajiv Visakhapatnam. Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana Scheme, To provide value added innovative, consistent, being the leader in private hospitals and continuously improving to sustain and improve clinical outcomes, patient safety & patient satisfaction; we have created and environment of trust, honesty, mutual respect, equality, and ethics.