MedAchievers Ivy League Volume 1 - Page 21

THE BUSINESS MODEL CHAMBER OF SECRET Establishing a hospital not just includes building infrastructure but also involves the more critical areas – building a team of doctors, nurses, support staff, administrators, market and above all trust in the community. Today building a hospital in Tier 1 metropolitan cities is easy. You will have success ingredients at your disposal; in fact you may be spoilt for choice! However the real challenge is when you have to hunt for talent, make people believe in your vision and take them to places far from their home town, build manpower and train the locals to emerge as true community players. Challenges such as these dene us. For us healthcare is not business but our passion. We don't believe in short term gains, but long term relationships. The foremost aspects that you need to be successful are – Team work, belief in others and patience. Every entrepreneur is attuned to be a risk taker, however people who believe in teamwork are able to leverage their dream to others, that's how you make your vision of empowering the common man with access to affordable healthcare a reality. Our model is simple – develop an ecosystem where you have the rst mover's advantage and provide people access to exceptional medical care, for which they had to earlier travel to other cities or states. In your journey of empowering the common man with the access and the right to medical care, you develop an organisation that is for the community, making you Partners in Health. KEY ACHIEVE