Interplanetary eXplorer STEM is an enabling and driving force behind Futurism. Its marriage with art helps us discover the future without leaving the present. By delving into the particular, we discover the essence of the whole. No MENASA Futurisms volume would be complete without a (literal) inward look at ourselves in minute detail. Interplanetary eXplorer is a careful capture of the intimate relationship between the microscopic and universal. Waad AlBawardi’s cell micrographs of histological tissue provide the substance for self-exploration and the portal into surreality. With subtle, delicate movements, Mona Lisa Ali Alzghoul breathes life into the micrographs - she defamiliarizes the cell tissue so we are able to access multiple worlds on a single surface. Meryem Nuh’s words bind these dimensions together and give them social meaning beyond the conceptual and abstract. In this potent combination of minds and talents there is no artistic crescendo or finality; there is only you. space within. space without. and the future. — Leena Habiballa, Editor