MONA Hello! I am Mona. This is Beirut here. A gigantic tsunami size wave is seen behind the city in the projected video approaching. It curls over the city slowly and as it approaches towards Mona the light starts fading out. The voice of Mona repeating the same line over and over. Right before the stage falls into total darkness, Lisa flies swiftly and lifts Mona off the ground. They both fly away. Stage is dark. Classical music fades in mixed with rhythmic whistling sounds. The stage is dark. A spotlight fades in slowly revealing an unconscious Mona hanging loosely in the air and Lisa hovering above her. It looks like Lisa is lifting Mona. Mona is now wearing an oxygen mask. It feels like they’re traveling through space and slipping past stars and space objects. (3D Projections behind them give a sense of space) LISA (in a robotic mode) Substance in possession. Copy. VOICE (OFF STAGE) A projection of water is now seen as if they submerged underwater. The sound of water is heard. The light fades out. END OF ACT I