MONA They’re here. (looking towards the sea. Then shouts.) They’re here. (stands up) The video immediately fades back to the grave city. A flock of gulls travels through. Their squawks fill the air. Lisa stops. Mona waves her hands energetically. MONA Here! Here! We’re here. Hello! (to Lisa) They’re here. But they don’t seem to see us. They’re diverting. Hello! Hello! We’re here. Do something. MONA (to Lisa) LISA (serious tone) I was doing. MONA Don’t you have some sort of super powers? Fly there tell them we’re here. Shout. Transmit some sort of frequencies. Just do something. There’s no one out there. LISA Mona moves closer to the edge of the platform. She jumps in place and shouts louder and louder. MONA Hello! Hello! I am Mona. From Beirut. Do you hear me? I am stuck here. They’re all dead. Do you hear me? Hello! Hello! Poor girl. LISA