LISA Nothing will change. Just let it be. Mona bends down and starts shaking the Beiruti woman. LISA Don’t. I am telling you don’t. (softly) Mona finally decides to do it. She puts her hand on the woman. MONA Excuse me Miss. Hello. Excuse me. The Beiruti woman doesn’t move. Mona shakes her. No reaction. Mona brings herself closer to the woman only to discover that she is also dead. Mona gasps in dismay. LISA I told you there is no one out there. It’s only us now. Mona looks at the city. She stands up and takes a few steps towards the city. She observes in silence. A robot on wheels travels across the stage from right to left. While his initial function is to clean, the robot seems defective. He sucks in the dirt from one spot and tosses them out from another spot. He goes unnoticed. ROBOT ON WHEELS (singing) Softly, as in a morning sunrise. The light of love comes stealing. Into a newborn day. Mona sits down, opens her suitcase and takes out some cloths. She starts covering the bodies of people. Once done, she sits on her suitcase and watches the sea. I will wait for them. MONA Lisa hovers next to Mona.