She hesitantly puts her hand on the man’s shoulder and tries to wake him up. The man doesn’t make any movement. MONA Sir. Hello Sir! You should wake up. I will call for help. The Beiruti man doesn’t move. She brings herself closer. Oh he smells like trash! MONA (her face shrinks with disgust) MONA Sir. Do you hear me? (She brings her head closer to his face.) I can’t hear his breathing. LISA Dear girl, this human is not here. Mona touches the man’s hand to check his pulse. Nothing. She quickly moves him and places her head on his heart. Suddenly she lurches to her feet. He’s dead. He’s dead! MONA Lisa moves closer to Mona. That must be his wife. MONA Mona take a few hesitant steps towards a Beiruti woman who lies right next to the Beiruti man. She bends down to touch her then changes her mind. MONA Ahhh! I hate telling a human that their loved one died. Mona suffers with the idea and hesitates.