MONA I need to wash. I need to drink. LISA Look. Look at this man here. Look. Lisa directs Mona to look at one of the sleeping Beirutis. LISA See his skin. Look. Look up closely. Mona takes a step towards the man. MONA Oh wow! That’s not good! Should we call for help? LISA There is no one out there to call. It’s only us now. MONA What do you mean it’s only us? Look at this whole city? It ain’t empty! I am sure there are so many humans out there with a big heart not like your selfish… Lisa interrupts Mona by moving swiftly and hovering at a very close proximity of Mona and looking deeply at her eyes as if she’s scrutinizing her soul. LISA Listen! Mona! The water ain’t water anymore. The city ain’t city anymore! The humans ain’t humans anymore! MONA (imitating the voice of Lisa) Robots are always robots. Stop being a smart head or I will blow out every piece of your wired brain. Leave me alone. Mona moves back again towards the Beiruti man. She tries to wake him up. MONA Excuse me. Sir. Mr.