(touching her face) Oh my God! What happened to my face? Oh my God! Oh my God! (panicking) Mona kneels down on the floor and begins whining. MONA I need to take a shower! I need to change! LISA Dear girl... (clears her throat then softly) MONA I am going to jump in the sea and clear this filth off my skin. If they come, let them wait for me. I won’t be late. Mona takes her suitcase and walks to the front. Lisa moves immediately towards Mona. She blocks her way. Where are you going? To take a bath in the sea. LISA MONA LISA It’s not possible. I can’t allow you to touch this water. MONA Who are you to not ‘Allow’ me? Move. LISA It’s not possible. It’s for your own good. Mona moves Lisa with her hand. LISA No. Don’t. Don’t make me force you. Mona stops and turns to Lisa.