CHARACTER NAME BRIEF DESCRIPTION AGE GENDER Mona A harmless girl overcome by irritation 20 Female Lisa A delicate flying robot N/A Female Beiruti Man A dead man 35 Man Beiruti Woman A dead woman 35 Woman Beirutis A group of dirty and ill people sleeping on their suitcases All All A robot A defective clearning robot on wheels N/A N/A SCENE ONE: BEIRUT PORT A video projected on a screen in the background as wideas the stage, displays a panoramic of Beirut City. The city looks grave. A flock of gulls travels across . Their squawks fill the air. It’s quite haunting. The city manifests signs of abandonment. Mountains of garbage are seen among buildings rising as high and above. The camera stops in front of a sign that reads ‘Beirut City Harbor. The stage is now lit. It is an extension of the harbor’s platform. The video remains as an active city background. BEIRUTIS lie on the floor asleep on their suitcases. Most of them look worn out, filthy and signs of physical illness are evident on their skin. LISA, a small female robot, hovers in the air while looking at the Beirutis. She takes a quick round scanning them with her laser eyes.