DESERT GARDENING The concept came to me rather "easily" - my family on both sides are kind of farmers, people who worked the ground, planting seeds, to feed family & herds. Humble occupation, and i feel it is often forgotten that this labour and these people are the backbone of our advanced, high-tech society. It is necessary to remember that Earth is our home, our pantry, our source of oxygen. We depend on it, not the other way around & our future is linked to the way we treat Earth now. During and after the Industrial Revolution, it has been obvious that technology's development has been done under no respect to Earth, our environment, or even us as human beings. And I wanted to think of a project that would respect people's culture, people's lives & identity & our environment. FUTURISM is a broad concept that celebrates technology's power and expansion, somehow breaking with extreme traditionalism which refuses to embrace technology. But with this power comes a choice, which reminds me of that film "Metropolis" & how mispurposing technology could have a terrible impact on humanity & the natural world. I have decided, with this series, to combine & reconcile "artisanat" & technology. With its infinite lands & deserts, the M.E.N.A. region has the potential to favourise a modern type of farming: "Desert Gardening". My idea of "Futurism" is an eco-friendly culture & this is an instruction guide for beginners. — Mohini Hewa