followed by the West could reveal a startling potential for the countries of the region to develop a formula of modernization based on equality and justice. One that is able to break away from the limitations of the past, and instead embraces a concept of peaceful and sustainable modernization that acts as a benef it, rather than a hindrance, to collective progress. A future that we can truly feel reflects our best selves and our inner skyscrapers. Aïda Amer finished her graduate studies in advertising and psychophysiology at the University of Missouri a few years ago, and has been hanging out around Brooklyn ever since. A printer by trade and a designer by day, Aïda's hobbies include listening to late- night talk radio, baking, and intense scribbling. Contact: Fahmida Azim is an illustrator, designer, storyteller, night-owl, and magical-realist to name a few. She's a Bangladeshi first generation south-asian- muslim-american with a lot of hyphens and many tired sighs. She's here to give visual voice to the rarely told stories. You can see more of her work at: Contact : Twitter: @eemajin