Beyond being a naïve fantasy of a reality in which Palestinians are able to reach the moon, A Space Exodus is a grim visual image of a Palestinian expelled as far as the moon, drifting alone in outer space, and into oblivion. Later that year, Sansour developed a complementary short photographic sequence of tiny plastic figurines of Palestinian astronauts that keep multiplying into more and more astronauts. Palestinauts (2009) is a gesture towards the increasing number of Palestinauts that “have long since taken matters into their own hands” in exodus, diaspora, and astro-existence. Larissa Sansour  |  Palestinaut  |  Courtesy of the artist Yet another example of her work, titled Nation Estate (2012), is a short sci-fi film exploring the dystopian architecture of Palestinian statehood, envisioned in a vertical skyscraper with glass walls, revealing a view of the land decorated by the still-standing Apartheid Wall.