Waad AlBawardi is a recent Clinical Laboratory Science graduate who is fascinated by all things alive and molecular and who'd like to learn a thing or two about them. Until that is feasible, she is spending most of her time crying to electronic music, thinking about chromatin, creating cool patterns and making sad attempts at art. Contact: Insta: primordialsoup Email: Mona Lisa Ali Alzghoul is an Arab-American artist currently residing between Toronto and Amman. Her work focuses on issues of displacement, identity, nation- belonging, collective memory, land, and the body. She works in a variety of media including sculpture, photo, video, and CGI to experiment with narratives and navigate voids in personal and collective identity. Contact: meryem nuh is a sudanese spanish muslim writer and editor-in-chief at artrefurbish. her work has appeared in vagabond city literary journal. she is fluent in 5 languages, and adores urdu, ethiopian jazz, malcom x, nayyirah waheed, yrsa daley-ward, warsan shire, ijeoma umebinyuo and everything kashmiri. she is a wanderer by nature, and wants to travel the world all by herself, and open a bookshop in london when she retires. she believes strongly in the power of the color. contact: Insta: @nuh.meryem Twitter: @meryem_nuh 6