MDS Messenger Volume 13, Issue 4

October 25, 2013

Volume 13, Issue 4

Parshat Chayei Sara 5:44 pm

Is There A Future for European Jewry?

by Sarina Kofman and Sophie Samuels, 8G

Last week, Joel Rubinfeld, co-chairman of the European Jewish Parliament, spoke to the 8th graders about the question: "Is there a future for Jews in Europe?"

According to Mr. Rubinfeld, the situation for the 1.5 million Jews in Europe has changed drastically. There is a level of anti-semitism that hasn't been seen since World War II which includes both traditional anti-semitism

(expressed through speech and attitude) and incidents of violence). Many of the Jews have been subjected to brutality on the streets, while the authorities have done almost nothing to protect them or adjudecate the perpetrators. There is also a rise of Neo-Nazi parties in some of the European countries who imcreasingly have a say in the respoective governments. Brit Milah and ritual slaughter are now being questioned and outlawed in some countries.

Mr. Rubinfeld maintains that anti-semitism is being couched in the language of anti-Zionism but, in effect, the bias against Israel is purely a different form of the old anti-semitic language.

Rubinfeld believes that in 30-40 years, Europe may be "Judenrein". Mr. Rubinfeld is fighting for the safety and security of European Jews and tolerance for all.