MDS Messenger Volume 13, Issue 27

Eighth Graders Present Independent Study Projects

by Josh Caplan,

May 23, 2014

Volume 13, Issue 27

Parshat Bamidbar 7:55 pm

Parents and grandparents got to see the results of months of research and hard work by our students at our 8th Grade Independent Research Study Project Fair. Each student worked with a mentor to choose a topic and to do research. They then created a presentation to help explain their topic. The presentations were set up in the Beit Midrash where students were able to explain their projects to our special visitors. One of our special guests was Diana Howard, representing Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer.

Prior to the Fair, our guests were treated to lunch in the library and a speech by MDS Alumnus Dr. Samson Fine (Class of 1987). Dr. Fine spoke to our students about the importance of questioning and seeking answers in their future studies and how the skills they learned in doing their projects will help as they go to high school and beyond. Thank you to Mrs. Fran Fine for coordinating the program and to all the mentors in the faculty and administration who guided the students in their work.