MDS Messenger Volume 13, Issue 22 - Page 8

Torah Class for Parents

by Ayala Horwitz;

The new Torah refresher class had its third meeting this Wednesday. The first classes were taught by Rebbetzin Sarah Robinson and Rabbi Avi Heller; upcoming classes will be taught by Sarah Robinson and other speakers. The class focused on basic concepts of Judaism, and both speakers shared some illuminating ideas. We look forward to learning more together.

Many thanks to Ruth Schwarz for organizing, and to Sarah Robinson and Rabbi Heller for their time.

E2K Science Program

by Krishan Khanna,

Utilizing the most advanced technology, E2K continues to raise enthusiasm levels and classroom participation. This unique distance learning program creates an international learning community among all E2K schools in Israel, Singapore, India and the United States.

One of the features of E2K is an international virtual classroom. Virtual learning classes are broadcast live to all participating schools using basic internet

infrastructures displayed on an overhead projector. A moderator stationed at the Center for Excellence's headquarters controls the information flow. Students' questions and answers are submitted by typing or using a microphone situated in the classrooms. At the beginning of each lesson participating classes confirm their online presence, and introduce themselves to the other classes.

Seventh grade E2K got a chance to participate in a virtual science competition. It was a wonderful experience for students to talk and share their ideas live with

moderators at Israel. I am proud of my students as they were placed second in the competition.