MDS Messenger Volume 13, Issue 22 - Page 12

Letters to Albany

by the MDS Advocacy Committee

This past week, the students in 7th and 8th grades wrote letters to Governor Cuomo urging his support for two pieces of legislation that would help non-public schools throughout the state. Yeshivot in the NY area, coordinated by OU Advocacy, have been lobbying in Albany for more funding in order to make a yeshiva education more affordable to our families. We are hoping our students’ efforts will contribute to the success of these key pieces of legislation. We should know very shortly if the legislation passes when the 2015 state budget is announced over the next few days. Thank you to all our students for expressing their passion for Jewish Education and urging the governor to support these initiatives. Here are some examples ofour students’ letters:

Watch the testimonial video from our recent missions to Albany and hear firsthand from mission participants about the importance of consistent and persistent advocacy with our legislators.

Then Send an email to your state legislator about these funding items. Remind them that we need their support for Jewish day schools and the Jewish community.