MDS Messenger Volume 13, Issue 22

Beethoven Makes Music at MDS

by Julienne Dweck;

March 28, 2014

Volume 13, Issue 22

Parshat Tazria 6:58 pm

The students of MDS have been immersed in the life, music, and lasting inspiration of Beethoven! In a cross curricular, school wide effort lasting weeks leading up to Beethoven day, students read about Beethoven, wrote creative responses to his music, made inspired artwork, and even wrote their own lyrics to his famous “Für Elise”. They were challenged in a “Guess Which Beethoven Song Fits” game, to place the correct Beethoven song to each silent video. Students learned a bit about music theory by noticing the difference between a Major scale (sounds like ‘a sunny day’) and a Minor scale (more

like a ‘mysterious night’).

The culmination of this school wide unit was with an incredible performance

by “Beethoven” on March 26th, the anniversary of his death. A wonderful

actor and musician reenacted the life

of Beethoven, interspersed with live performances of his music.